Pattern, the woven hair brand of Tracee Ellis Ross

Pattern is a brand of hair products for people of African descent. Founder Tracee Ellis Ross tells us more about her relationship with her hair as Pattern was launched in the UK.

The Black-ish actress is proud of her hair and her Black American heritage. His voice, color and hair are his brand values. Pattern donates half of its profits to organizations committed to the cause of black and all colored women in the United States. Tracee plans to do the same with launching her brand in the UK.” We are looking for associations that match us But the style is more than that.

Bring back the nobility to black hair

His brand targets African-American women and men whose hair types range from 3B to 4C as well as locks. A guide to episode types is available on their site. To start a good routine for normal hair, you have to start from there. Tracee Ellis Ross wanted to answer questions that black and mixed-race women have about their hair, which has very specific needs. Wearing them normally is not always easy, especially in Europe. Depending on the region, there are not many products available. ” I created my brand based on my own experience with my hair. The market does not meet their own needs. My hair has never been as shiny and long as it is now with the products I found in stores. And on top of all that, they cost a fortune! Under the guidance of her mother, Diana Ross, Tracy embarked on a style adventure. It took him 10 years to develop and meet his requirements, as woven hair deserves: ” No one in the industry understood what I wanted The style wants celebration, and woven hair brings back its strength and pride. People of black or mixed race who wear their natural hair know how complicated it is to assume that, in a society where this type of hair is still misunderstood and, worse, ridiculed. Tracee has also used her own experience to create a pattern” I don’t want other little girls to take too long for me to love their textured hair. Unfortunately, I know how shared this feeling is in the community. »

More than a complete set

What is very tangible about Pattern is that in addition to classic hair products, there are also accessories. Tracee Ellis Ross offers many easy-to-curl combs and brushes. In this way, hair with a very fragile texture cannot be broken. What is interesting is that the actress does not provide an answer to a problem. ” Afro hair products are often referred to as dry and damaged hair, as if our hair is a problem. I never wanted to reproduce this with Pattern. You don’t need to underestimate people to sell shampoo Pattern offers three sets of conditioners, without claiming to have the solution for all hair types. There is a light, medium or strong version. Choose whether you prefer very defined or less defined curls. Of course, Pattern offers shampoos, oils, sprays and styling gels. Prices range from $25 to $45.

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