“Modern Rachel’s Haircut”: What is this trendy haircut?

Since 1994 and the first episode of Friends, the character of Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, has been a real inspiration. Her clothing style and iconic transformation span across generations. In 2022, the “Modern Rachel Haircut” still stands out as a very trendy haircut.

Modern Rachel’s haircut: the most requested haircut in hairdressing salons

The Rachel’s modern haircutis just a recent snapshot of Rachel Green’s signature haircut from the show.

Since the beginning of the show, the demand for this huge haircut in hairdressing salons has increased. The proof by the numbers: According to cosmetics website Just My Look, requests for Modern Rachel Haircut jumped 179%.

On TikTok, hashtag”Rachel’s haircutIt also has nearly 50 million views.

This hairstyle has already become fashionable in the 90s, and therefore does not lose any of its success. But how will it be adopted in 2022?

How do you wear the “Modern Rachel Haircut”?

Rachel Green haircut, created by Celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan, huge thanks to its various gradations. But not only: it also requires tedious brushing. So much so that Jennifer Aniston, itselfadmit that this hairstyle is very restrictive.

Today, the modern version of this hairstyle is more subtle, with less noticeable layers. However, it is no less difficult to design.

Fortunately, the experts at Just My Look have shared three fairly simple steps to follow to recreate this legendary cut, reported by Glamor UK. here they are :

  • Step 1: “It is essential to make sure your hair is light and clean. Avoid leaving your hair long without shampoo. Using volumizing shampoo It would be your best bet for this hairstyle.”
  • Step Two: “After washing your hair and while it’s still damp, apply a few drops of oil or serum, to give your hair a smooth, manageable feel.”
  • Step 3: “To finish the look, blow-dry your hair with a round brush and avoid straightening it as this will remove the volume you created!”

to imitate Rachel’s green hairstyleYou will need to cut your hair just above the shoulders. But it will also work great on long hair. “Because this haircut consists of several layers, it will help give body to your hair, perfectly enclose your face in a heart shape and frame it,” the specialists note.

So, are you ready to give in to this trendy haircut?

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