With her white hair, she radically changed her look

A few months ago, when she was a juror for Tele-hook The Voice broadcast on TF1, Zazie caught all eyes. Attractive, natural and full of life, she has seduced us with her attitude and looks. In The Voice All Stars, the translator of “I’m a Man” took on the role first white hair. Since then, she has not touched them. There’s no doubt that Zazee will camouflage them under Crayon. And she’s right, this new look will delight her.

Through a new video shared on his account Instagram The star revealed her new natural hair color to her community. In this post that aims to convey a rather important message to her community, Zazie appears with medium length hair and falling out. Her hair is a little curly dark blond. A perfect summertime color that’s lightened by a few white streaks.

New album, new look!

The first gray hair transplant varies from person to person. If for some these are well-distributed evenly throughout the hair, those from Zazie basically guide the tip of their nose to the front of her head. Then The Voice’s juror displays a file large white wick On the parting level on the side and love the presentation!

His fans seem to agree with us. In the comment, his community did not fail to cover it compliments. ‘Always in style’, ‘I love it’ or “very beautiful” Can we read his post below on Instagram. They also showed delight after the news Zazie made: “I’m currently on my video (…) for my next single called… I’m not telling you! Who’s coming out… I’m not telling you! But very soon!”. It was enough to make them happy.

Zazie is done with plastic surgery!

With this new album and this new look… Zazie is simply a new person. Now she wants to be very normal. Obviously, there was no longer any question for her about being afraid of the elderly. A few years ago, the singer turned to aesthetic medicine to fight signs of aging. A move we later regret. “I took Botox once, fifteen years ago” She explained in an interview with Le Parisien. “It was ridiculous, nothing moved on my face. My forehead was covered in plaster.”

Zazie now values ​​herself for who she is, and there is nothing more beautiful than her. Now she knows it! “I feel better about myself (…) I have wrinkles, but that’s fine for me. We seduce differently, we are freer “, She was also captured during an interview with Version Femina.

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