The smart vacuum cleaner that detangles hair

Dyson no longer has a monopoly on the smart cordless vacuum cleaner. Among the competitors, we note Tineco. It recently arrived in the European market, and the Chinese company has already won the Floor One S5 vacuum cleaner.

Today, its range of portable vacuum cleaners is replenished. The S12s will soon be replaced by the S15s.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro © Tineco

ZeroTangle, the hair removal brush

This S15 generation comes with its share of new features. First, we notice the appearance of a new brush head. The versatile motorized brush has been replaced by the ZeroTangle. This brush, exclusive to Tineco, features a dual-comb design with angled bristles which means the hairs don’t catch around the brush, but rather send them into the reservoir. An innovation that reduces hair tangles by 99%, according to the brand. To test Pure One S12, it is true that clogging due to hair is high.

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Picture 2: Tineco Pure One S15: The smart detangling vacuum cleaner
ZeroTangle Brush © Tineco

PureCyclone to reduce dust in filters

Another novelty is PureCyclone technology. It adds an element inside the vacuum cleaner that separates the air from the dust inside the vacuum cleaner. This would reduce filter dust. Three in a vacuum (pre-filter, mesh filter and HEPA filter), they often need to be cleaned to maintain optimum suction. A tedious and potentially messy process. So we are not against a solution that would limit this manipulation.

Photo 3: Tineco Pure One S15: The smart detangling vacuum cleaner
PureCyclone © Tineco

New Horizontal Charging Base

Finally, with the S15, Tineco is also changing its charging base. It was no longer fixed to the wall, but rather was placed on the floor, like on the first floor. Named the FreeStnd™, this bowl makes it possible to hold the vacuum cleaner in an upright position. On the other hand, it is still not self-contained, it is related to this rule. Tineco is proud that it is no longer necessary to install a bracket on the wall. However, this also leads to a higher occupation at ground level. It will also be necessary to see the behavior of the device on this basis. A child or animal can drop it more easily.

Picture 4: Tineco Pure One S15: The smart detangling vacuum cleaner
New FreeStnd Base © Tineco

In addition to these new features, the Pure One S15 retains the strengths of the current generation:

  • removable battery
  • iLoop smart sensor (detect dirt and change power according to)
  • LED strip on the brush

The Pure One S15 Pro differs from the rest with its interactive LCD screen and sound notifications. On the other hand, they all indicate the battery level, suction strength, and Wi-Fi signal.

100 € discount on Tineco Pure One S15 Pet

Regarding the Pure One S15 Essentials, Tineco has not yet determined its differences with the rest of the range. We will update our article as soon as we know more. The latter will be available in July for 399 euros. There is no price or date for the Pure One S15 Pro yet.

The Pure One S15 Pet is now available for pre-order at €499 for shipping on July 11th. By purchasing it on the Tineco website before July 8, you are entitled to a €50 discount plus a €50 voucher to use on a future order.

In the end, we can touch the S15 pet at the price of the basics.

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