She hasn’t cut her hair for 17 years, and the result is amazing

Many women dream of beautiful long hair. However, this is not easy. Oftentimes, we get the impression that our heights are no longer growing. But in fact, the growth process does not stop like that! In fact, the problem does not come from the roots but from the ends. In fact, it is not our hair that has stopped growing, but rather our ends that break, shorten, and give the impression of never growing.

Therefore, for really long hair, understand that it is important to take care of it daily. For example, with each shampoo, systematically apply a moisturizing conditioner or mask (whether nourishing, restorative, or otherwise). These treatments include the hair fiber, nourishing it from the inside, strengthening it and especially protecting it from breakage.

“Real” Rapunzel with 2 meter hair

Finally, the last tip, but not least, remember to pamper your morning and evening. First, after styling, put a few drops of serum or hair oil between your hands. Heat it between the palms of your hands and sweep your lengths with your fingertips. In addition to adding a beautiful shine to your hair, it will also strengthen it. Finally, before going to bed, brush your hair lengths with a brush appropriate for your hair type. I also finish with hair oil. You will see the change very quickly.

It also seems that Japanese Rin Kambi holds the secret to very long hair. Call “The real Rapunzel” In reference to the Disney Princess, the 40th sports an incredible length of nearly 2 meters! Her hair is longer and touching the ground. It is for this reason that you regularly tie them into a bun. It sure takes some time but also some maintenance.

3 hours to wash your hair

“When I get up in the morning it takes at least 10 minutes to brush and tie it up” I told the mirror. “I can do it in 5 minutes when I’m in a hurry because I like to curl my hair up and put it in a net to keep it from getting tangled up or getting in the way while I sleep. So when I wake up, they’re tidied up in the net.” A very simple and practical trick that saves him a lot of time. But the moment she dreads the most is undoubtedly brushing her hair.

Rin Kambi felt it took him 3 hours of time ! That’s just. “I wash them twice a week and take great care” I explained. “After washing, I dry them quickly with a hair dryer. It takes an hour to wash my hair, apply conditioner, and massage my scalp, then an additional two hours to dry it and then comb it.”

Getting such long hair is not easy. “If I let them loose, I find it difficult in almost everything I do, it is very easy to stumble” I told the mirror. “I can’t even go to the toilet, let alone change clothes or eat noodle soup. If my hair falls out, I hesitate to go out.” And it’s not a one-piece hairstyle that makes her daily life easier. The Cake weight Sometimes it gives him a headache. Wouldn’t it be time to cut them short?

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