Sarah Jessica Parker is angry at the comments about her gray hair!

Sarah Jessica Parker does not have her tongue in her pocket. A victim of derogatory comments about his gray hair, the former “Sex and the City” star wanted to talk about it.

Sarah Jessica Parker has never been nervous about getting older. On the contrary, the 57-year-old actress He assumes his age And you don’t see any problem with that. Unfortunately for her, the famous former star Sex and the City an act Addresses Last summer for her gray hair.

The American actress was photographed while naturally having dinner on a balcony in New York. You would never have imagined All comments and discussions that ensue After this simple walk. Sarah Jessica Parker also returned to this position during an unpublished interview.

Sarah Jessica Parker pictured with her gray hair @GCImages

Angry actress!

It was during an interview with the magazine Speed Featured by Sarah Jessica Parker His indignation and its relation to aging:

I just don’t understand why I’m supposed to spend so much time thinking about it. It’s not that I’m intentionally careless or dreamy. But I really don’t think about that. There were far more discussions about my time on Earth than I spent thinking about it myself.

Proud of what she’s become, Sarah Jessica Parker can’t imagine all the heated discussions about her gray hair. Absolutely normal situation!

I’ve turned months and months of talking about how brave I am at getting gray hair. I was like, please bravely applaud someone else for something!

The global superstar made sure that all the messages were there Somewhat develops misogyny. Indeed, during this outing, Sarah Jessica Parker was in the company of her friend, presenter Andy Cohen, the latter of whom received no comments about her graying hair.

Andy has a head full of beautiful gray hair. But no one talked about him, as he was sitting next to me. There is not a single person.

Andy Cohen comes to her rescue!

Host Watch what’s happening live She defended her friend Sarah Jessica Parker against many “anti-women” views.

All the articles were under headlines like this: “Sarah Jessica Parker, She’s Starting To Have Gray Hair” and “She Looks Too Old,” and that was crazy. “

The 54-year-old presenter said during her appearance on the show The Drew Barrymore Show.

Fortunately the actress Sex and the City you can rely on him. She finally concluded by putting points on i:

I get the impression that these people are not realistic. Everyone is getting old… You will become gray, that is the reality.

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