Rawan. “He crushed me four times”: the young woman who fell during a music festival testifies

Sakina was run over by a motorist on June 22, 2022, around 2 am, in Rouen (Seine Bahri).

“I have pain on the right, on the left, I feel my leg once in four. I don’t know if I will walk again or if I will be out in a wheelchair.” It’s been a week since then Knife in the hospital. From that night from Tuesday, June 21 to Wednesday, June 22, 2022, when the 23-year-old was car driver hitOn the sidelines of the music festival, the hour Rouen (Sein Marine).

A judicial source said the driver in question had “taxi signs”, but was driving despite his license being suspended. He allegedly ran over the victim several times. The man was arrested in the wake of the Refugee Reporting Act, and the man was charged and placed in remand, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Dispute over unpaid race, day before the facts

Sakina recounts that she dealt with him the day before on the Fête de la Musique. The young woman asked for a taxi to take her from her home Frankville St. Pierre to me Suitville les Rouen, at a friend. It was a city of 37 euros for a taxi. “My friend’s credit card didn’t work. I had 20 euros. I told him I could give him the rest through PayPal. The driver doesn’t want to.”

Then things would have gone wrong with the taxi. “He locked the back doors, and I couldn’t get out,” Franquevillaise tells. “Since you want to play, we’ll play,” he told me.

According to the young woman, the man “followed his trail” without telling her anything. Put on some loud classical music. The driver would end up stopping ‘in the middle of the country,’ ’30 Minutes from Rouen.’ Sakina continues:

He grabbed my phone from the leggings and threw it with my bag. Then he pulled me by the hair and threw me to the floor, like a garbage bag.

A judicial source confirmed that the suspect left the victim on the evening of June 20 “in a forest”, after a “major dispute” over an “unpaid race”.

Broken ribs, spine and pelvis

The next day, Sakina went out with her brother to Roan Soufyan To enjoy the music festival. “We came across the taxi by chance on Al-Gomhoria Street, around 1 am. I recognized him immediately. My brother went to the driver just to chat, but he left.”

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At about 2:15 a.m., the Franquiese said, [avoir] I saw the car again near the courtroom.” Says Sakina, who admitted insulting the driver: “My brother stopped the car in front of him, and I got down and hit the shock absorber with my left hand.”

She started and ran over me four times, twice forward, twice backward. He broke my ribs, spine and pelvis.

His brother was also injured. The man managed to save his sister, having received a light blow. All this under the eyes of her daughter (Sakina’s niece) who “was afraid of seeing her father and aunt die before her eyes,” Sufian testified that 76 news.

As for Sakina, she said she passed out before she woke up when help arrived. I tried to get up but it was impossible. “She was hospitalized at Rouen University Hospital. I still had to lie motionless for six weeks, without moving,” the young woman sighs.

The driver reports an accident

For his part, the defendant raises an accident. according to Mrs. Laura CalvonHis client explains that he hit the victim while trying to escape after the latter knocked on his window to explain their disagreement the previous day. The lawyer adds that the investigating judge has not yet heard the suspect. She is also waiting to watch CCTV cameras on Jeanne d’Arc.

He is entrusted with Provincial Security in Rouen, and thus the investigation will have to determine the exact circumstances of this incident.

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