Marseille: Madi Borciaga is pregnant and makes fun of Benjamin Samat!

Benjamin Samat, the symbolic candidate for Marseille, does not miss an opportunity to make fun of his beloved Maddie.

In addition to having to deal with pregnancy symptoms, Maddie has to do so Confronting Benjamin Samat’s mockery (The people of Marseille). MCE TV explains everything from the ground up!

material (The people of Marseille) Still pregnant

As you probably know, Maddie and Benjamin Samat spin the perfect love. After participating in The people of Marseillelove bird Marriage and starting a family.

On April 3, the couple announced to the whole world this is material(The people of Marseille) she was pregnant. ” We are pleased to inform you of this Soon we will be 3. Our dreams come true a little more every day…”They wrote on Instagram.

Since then, the girl has taken full advantage of her pregnancy. This is an annoying gift for some netizens who scold Maddie (The people of Marseille) Show your belly a lot. Luckily, She quickly returned them to their place.

“Really, I do not understand. Because these people criticize. But they sleep in my profile. Why are you following me?”Launched. “Why do you come when you are not subscribed to watch my life, if you mind?” Actually sorry. Yes I am pregnant. Yes I’ve always been arched. »then added.

Something also prevents him from enjoying his moment, These are the symptoms. Of course, there are plaques, pimples, and an extended abdomen The warmth we feel, the rough mood

But what is bothering me (The people of Marseille) Before everything, It’s the picture she has of herself. She could no longer look at herself in the mirror. MCE TV tells you more.

The young woman is mocked by her husband

“I can no longer see myself drawing at all. It’s simple, I didn’t have time to go and brush my eyelashes or nails or style my hair. Nothing. And that, because I don’t know how long (…) apart from when we go To the restaurant or when we have parties or what, I get ready (…) With hormones, I also have days with and days without, where I feel fine/not feeling well. »recently captured Maddie (The people of Marseille).

Of course, the young lady can prepare Supported by his beloved Benjamin Samat. However, he sometimes makes fun of her.

At the end of May, for example, he posted a story on Instagram explaining that the future mom was going From laughing to crying at the snap of fingers. With a touch of humor of course!

A few hours ago, he was a candidate Marseille Repeat the experiment. The latter posted a funny montage on his Snapchat account. On the left, Maddie was pretending At the edge of the pool, in a bathing suit, as they often do on their social networks. On the right, Benjamin Samat has taken on exactly the same pose, but in a caricatured way. It was hilarious!

The least we can say, however, is that Iconic Couple Marseille do not get bored. This should come in very handy for fans who are eagerly waiting for a small piece of cabbage to tip the tip of their nose.

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