His new haircut that Johnny would have loved

Leticia Hallyday recently went through a much more difficult period. In fact, June 15 was the birthday of Johnny, who passed away in December 2017. He would have turned 79 years old. On this occasion, Laetitia shared on her Instagram account a lively tribute to rock music. A photo of the couple accompanied by a touching message.

“It is not a day like any other, it was not a day. How many memories, parties, music and love on June 15th to celebrate you. Today tears mingle with joy in a clear sky, a star will shine more than others in the sky. It will illuminate the hearts of millions of people in the same Time and our hearts in particular. It will remind us that you are here forever. Happy birthday. I love you forever.”has been recorded Leticia Halliday.

Leticia Hallyday and her natural hair

On June 19, it was Father’s Day that reminded him of Johnny’s absence. She is always connected to social networks, shares the main part of her daily life with her subscribers. After returning from Los Angeles, Leticia Hallyday and her daughters now live in France. The three have particularly benefited from the Cote d’Azur in recent days. Passing through Saint TropezThe mother of the family shared a video of her appearing on a yacht. The sunset filmed was gorgeous, however, and it was Leticia Hallyday that grabbed the most attention.

Laeticia Hallyday took advantage of this Instagram post to reveal it all new look to his community. She wore black, matching sunglasses and a large silver chain that accessorized her very dark outfit. Definitely, her Blonde hair has been raised. And the box finished perfectly smoothly! Leticia Hallyday dressed for the day on her boat natural hair.

Reinterpretation of the bride’s hairstyle

Johnny Hallyday’s wife does not have naturally straight hair. her hair actually curly. The classy texture that fits her perfectly and instantly makes us think of the hairstyle Leticia wore during her lifetime. wedding With the French singer. Remember, to say “yes” to Johnny on March 25, 1996, the beautiful blonde had opted for a porous square with English curls. Today, Leticia is reinterpreting her hairstyle so gorgeously, there’s no doubt that Johnny would have loved it.

Side look too, I’ve marked the spirits. For the most beautiful day of her life, she wasn’t betting on a long white dress. Leticia Hallyday wore a Blue candy skirt Paired with a matching jacket. She had slipped under a white shirt and a pair of white socks. An outfit that we will remember for a long time.

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