Going back to the physical transformation of the angel star

Posted by Aurelie Hagopian

– June 26, 2022 at 10:40 am

Nabila has changed a lot since she participated in Angels. And in this article, we let you discover his physical transformation.

It was in 2011 that noble It became known to the general public by participating in blind love. At the time, she was 17 years old and lied to production about her age in order to participate in the TF1 show. We find the young woman in The Angels of Reality TV 4, in 2012. Nabila quickly stands out from the group thanks to her physique, personality and relationship with Sofiane who wrote a song for her. But really in The Angels of Reality TV 5, in 2013, this success exploded for Nabila. Especially thanks to his affair with Thomas Vergara, but especially for his legendary sentence: “Hi! No but hey what! You’re a girl, don’t you have shampoo? Hello, hello! I don’t know Do you greet me you’re a girl who doesn’t have shampoo! It’s like I’m telling you: You’re a girl, you don’t have hair.”

And since his first appearance in Les Anges, noble Physically change! She has gone from a young woman who looks like a bimbo to a rather classy woman. On top of that, brands are tearing it up to work with! Then Nabila moved to Jean Paul Gaultier And stand for the magazine Vanity Fair French. Her development so amazed everyone that Cyril Hanoun decided to enlist her in Touche Pas à Mon Poste. But in 2014, everything about imprisoned Nabila stopped after she was injured Thomas With a knife after an argument. A story that belongs to the past and did not break the couple, quite the contrary. Since then they have been married and have two children!

Nabila has changed her appearance!

As you can see from the pictures above, noble It’s not the same since 2011. Expensive clothes are on the shelf. Some tattoos have been removed. She also underwent a breast reduction operation. And now she’s adopting a wiser, thinner, and more glamorous look. On top of that, she’s never been at the top of the celebrity as she is now! Currently, she hosts a reality TV show on Prime Video, has over 7.6 million followers on Instagram and became a mom for the second time on June 5, 2022. In short: everything smiles at him!

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