Gebelar case. Severin surprises Cedric by appearing at the session: “We haven’t met in a year”

Severin surprised Cedric Jubilard by coming to see him in Toulouse court on Tuesday 28 June 2022, while reviewing the extension of his pre-trial detention. “We haven’t met in a year” (© Laurent Derne / Actu Toulouse)

They had not seen each other for several months. “It has been more than a year already,” she says, as she sits in the missed grades room at the Court of Appeals in Toulouse. severin She was “passing through Toulouse”, this Tuesday, 28 June 2022, and without telling him, she came to “support” her (ex?) lover, Cedric Gebelard.

Shy and childish smile

A few moments before entering the courtroom where the extension of his pretrial detention would be discussed, I asked the few journalists present, “Do you know if he will be taken out? Will I be able to see him?” intervention. The face of the craftsman accused of killing his wife She lights up with an unexpected smile, shy and childlike all at once, Through the glass box he sits in.

A small nod to the forty-year-old, whose high-rise glasses prevent her wavy hair. Hand away from his little beard (always impressive) to ask him, by mime, if he likes it.

“He looks tired, but I expected the worst.”

The young woman finds that he has changed. “He told me he was happy to see me, I love youHe asked me if I was okay. It made me understand that it holds up. he has looks a little tired, but I expected worse. I told him he has a fairly long beard, and he replied that he doesn’t no mirror…”.

All judges waiting for lawyers wear the FFP2 mask. “There is a group in progress in the classroom,” explains the chair. The room stare game continues. “It’s annoying. It’s nice to see him anyway. He wasn’t expecting it at all, and I didn’t even know I’d come to Toulouse… His smiles are touching. what I say? I don’t know more than anyone else. since december, I took a step back. I said to myself: I will come and see him. It will activate it a little. Now we just have to wait.”

The young woman prefers to keep her feelings about the issue to herself:

“I needed to see him to look him in the eye. Seeing him, I tell myself it’s not him. He looks like a little kid. I wish it wasn’t him. For his kids, especially but I don’t think he’s going out. They’ll keep it for another six months while they do some research. No.” I know what happened. [concernant cette affaire]. But we have to find a dolphin.”

severinCedric Jubilard’s friend

“He hasn’t seen a familiar face in a year.”

“Right now, I have taken a step back [dans notre relation]. I’d rather be careful what I say because then, On networks, it merges. I’m not there, I’m out of all groups. People have hate in them. that it free ugliness. It had an impact on my daily life. My life will never be the same again. Above all, I try to protect my children.”

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Examination of the extension of Cedric’s pretrial detention

The investigation chamber of the Court of Appeal of Toulouse announced the closed session. It is currently considering the request for release of Cedric Jubilar, whose pretrial detention was recently extended by a liberties judge by 6 months. The decision must be conservative.

Why is she here today? “I came to motivate him a little. He hasn’t seen a familiar face in a year. I’m the only one who must have seen him since he came back. His dear brother supports him and writes for him as well.” Severin always communicates with him by mail. I haven’t received anything in a while, before last week. Perhaps a dozen letters in all since December, with breaks. So there is a time when I sent him a money order for 1.08 euros. So he buys a stamp and writes me,” she smiles.

She checks “every day(s) her mailbox”

Passing through the hut prison, in December 2021, for “complicity in concealing a corpse” (which came out free and cleared, editor’s note), tested the young woman. The gendarmes thought Cedric You caught me on the pillowAnd that was not the case.” As for the accusations of his fellow prisoner, Famous Marcoso she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Séverine may have stopped her feelings, captivating “she checks her mailbox every day.” What do they say to each other in these letters? “Its content should remain intimate. It’s between me and him. I try to get away, protect myself. But If he needs me, I’m there.” In the box, Cedric Gubelard keeps his glamorous and edgy look in full force.

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