Congress, Senate Mission, National Assembly, Filariasis: News on Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Most of the news in New Caledonia this morning with a busy day in Congress yesterday, the senators’ mission on the institutional future is over, Yael Brown Bivé was elected president of the National Assembly and the cases of filariasis detected in Ovea.

Yesterday elected officials verified New Caledonia’s accounts for the past year. The text was adopted by 36 votes in favour, with 18 abstentions. The elected officials then considered several important texts; Significantly increased CCS (Caledonia Solidarity Contribution) has been adopted. The money that will contribute to the restoration of Ruamm. It also approved the AFD loan. Nearly 21 billion which makes it possible to finance part of the costs associated with the Covid crisis, but also to save social accounts and participate in the recovery of the economy.

They flew yesterday after a week in New Caledonia. The three senators who are members of the Law Committee assessed the mission that turned toward the institutional future. Somewhat positive results on Tuesday evening. Among the stated objectives of this mission, is to see the situation at the site firsthand, and to work on a relationship of trust with the actors in New Caledonia. A report must be submitted by the Senate Law Committee after the summer term in Metropolitan France.

It’s over, the former Secretary of State, Yael Brown Bivé for Renaissance, became the new president of the National Assembly. She won in the second round with a total of 242 votes. For the first time in its history, a woman held this position. Yael Brown-Bevit will remain at the helm of the State Department for only a month.

In Polynesia, on Monday morning, President Edward Fritsch received an official New Caledonian delegation led by Faimua Muliava, a member of the New Caledonian government, responsible specifically for relations with the overseas communities of the Pacific. In the meeting list, the possibility of creating a single market between the two communities.

The second day in felonies, after the so-called “Saw Man” killing. This is the murder of a fifty-year-old young man in May 2020, in Noumea, during a neighborhood dispute, against the background of alcohol. Five defendants, including two detainees, are on trial for premeditated murder. They are punished 30 years of criminal imprisonment, 20 years for a minor in the group. A verdict is expected on Friday. This second sex cycle will end on July 22nd.

A disease that affects more than 70 countries in the world. Especially the Pacific countries. It is a disease caused by worms. Parasites transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. Fever, swollen glands, pain in the extremities and groin, the symptoms are impressive. A major treatment campaign will be launched on the island from October, with the treatment taking place orally, and patients will have to swallow three different tablets.

If there is no death deplored in New Caledonia’s latest health report, the number of people infected with the Coronavirus, it is, rises, with more than 700 new cases for a week. The infection rate is now 283 per 100,000 residents, compared to 179 last week. France and even all of Europe are facing a recovery in the Covid-19 epidemic due to a new variable. Or rather, a subspecies of Omicron. In Polynesia too, pollution is on the rise…

In Sydney, a striking nursing staff is calling for more resources. Midwives and nurses on Tuesday protested their working conditions and the new health budget announced by the state government. This is already the third massive strike movement by caregivers in Australia since January. Exhausted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the public sector can no longer afford it: Sydney railway workers also walked out on Tuesday. This Thursday, it will be the teachers’ turn.

Firefighters, with a new stoning in Mont d’Or tonight. An advertisement from the town’s friendly firefighters on social media. The team could have been attacked while going into the intervention.

Gilbert Tywinon, the government member responsible for road safety, was the morning guest with Shema Riahi this Wednesday. The opportunity in particular to discuss the plan to combat road insecurity.

Since Monday and for six weeks, part of Gabriel Laroque Street has been closed to motorists. The road is therefore impassable from arroyo on the beach to the crossroads in the center of Val Plaisance, at the racetrack level, which connects to Polari Street.
In Yate, the Southern Province has commenced road repair work on RP3, in the Limbe sector, on the part between the RP1/RP3 junction and the foot of the Col de Mouirange. The works provide for the repair of the road with the installation of a new layer of asphalt and markings on the ground. A construction site carried out during the day, under alternating traffic which should continue until the end of August.

This is the goal of the Province of the South, which organizes activities at Espace Jeunes in Noumea every Wednesday, from today until 27 July.
Today from 9 am to 11:30 am the “Serious Game – Stop the Violence” workshop is taking place, co-hosted by two hosts of the Espace Jeunes web site. They will address topics such as gossip, discrimination or blackmail. The workshop is open to all.

Scal’air, the organization that monitors air quality, has published its annual report on the air we breathe in 2021. The pollution level is stable. With regard to industrial pollution, there were fewer episodes of sulfur dioxide pollution. We note four thresholds for sensitive people, in other words: no more than 2020. But 2021 was also synonymous with Scal’air’s budget cut. To the point of having to shut down its Anse-Vata station. The site was however a reference in Scal’air’s comments.

This OPT alert. You may have received an email regarding your June phone bill. It’s a fraudulent email with a fake invoice, OPT warns, which specifies that it doesn’t come from their services.
Do not take this into account, do not respond to this email and, above all, never give your banking or personal information over the phone.

It is an act of unparalleled solidarity. Since the beginning of the year, five hair salons in the region have collected cut hair to donate to an urban association that helps people with cancer. The first mass mailing with other professionals involved in the process is scheduled for July.

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