Zazie is back in music… with a new look: the singer assumes her white hair

On Monday, June 27, Zazy surprised her fans by revealing on Twitter that she’s ready for her next single. In this short promo video, the singer showed off her natural look with salt and pepper hair that matches her perfectly.

White hair is on the rise! Translator Brown is not considered plumLio, the trend began with an assumption her bleached hair across time. Another big name in French music has also jumped: Zazie. On Monday, June 27, the 58-year-old artist promoted his new song on Twitter by revealing its white roots : Netizens, hello. I’m currently in a clip My next singleHence the crumbling decor which is so called… I won’t tell you! Who will come out … I won’t tell you, but very soon, Really very soonLike yesterday, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow…

Glad that the former coach the sound Netizens are back in the saddle, expressing their satisfaction in the comments: “this is good ! See you soon for a good sound In our ears, then“, someone wrote.”awesome and still beautiful!shouted another. Translator I’m a man It has already been unveiled on his Instagram New hair look Last September, he was immortalized in the studios of FM Radio alongside the former General President of Universal Music France, Pascal Negri.

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Zazi is a nature follower

zazi knowledge of time. However, this former model was famous for its nature succumbed to the injection A few years ago, a choice I regretted: “I took Botox once, fifteen years ago. It was sillyNothing moved on my face. My forehead was covered with plaster‘, captured in an interview with Parisian In 2018. So, today is out of the question for a star to go through a scalpel box! “We can say that when we get older we feel bad, but I feel bad I’m getting better and better about myself. […] I have wrinkles, but that’s fine for me. We seduce otherwise, We are more free‘, she had indicated in the columns of the magazine Women’s version In December 2015.

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