The solution to bleaching blonde hair

Purple shampoo is often cited as impeccable advice for bleaching blonde hair. But how does all this work?

Posted on May 11, 2017

(Fake) Blondes know it well: Finding the perfect shade is often time consuming, expensive and requires extensive maintenance. Lots of maintenance!

Between two visits to color, you can happily count on a product specifically designed to preserve color and fight unwanted yellow reflections from your bathroom, purple shampoo. Come on Jamie, let’s go!

Why do we use purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo is a hair care product that is used Reduce yellow and copper highlights in blonde hair. Colorist Juliana Ohlmeyer explains for WELL + GOOD magazine:

It’s way too sweet Control of yellow light in hair, more specifically blonde or highlighted hair. Basically it is a wayTake care of your blonde hair at home Among the coloring services.

In fact, purple shampoo is not purple for nothing: this color is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, which means that once the two shades overlap, they cancel each other out. ” The purple pigments in the shampoo help remove the yellow light from the hair Hairstylist Adina Doss emphasizes the brand’s blog REDKEN.

Violet shampoo for natural hair

A real “magic wand” product for hair bleaching, but not only! In fact, natural blondes can also become dull and yellow due to exposure to sunlight, excessively hard water, or too regular use of hot styling tools such as straighteners.

Purple shampoo can be a good solution to help them restore their radiance.

How to use purple shampoo correctly?

Purple shampoo is a shampoo like no other, and there are a few rules to keep in mind to get the right results.

Use the purple shampoo as a second shampoo

Although its name contains the word “shampoo,” purple shampoo is not intended to clean the scalp or cleanse the hair. He, his job is to preserve and correct the color, and it’s really a job.

So that the product can reveal its full potential against yellow reflections, it is recommended to wash your hair for the first time with the usual shampoo to remove excess sebum and pollution particles: the application of the pigmented remedy will not be more uniform, and the result will be brighter.

Allow time for the purple shampoo to work

In order for the violet pigments to correct the warm reflections, they must be given time to act. As Juliana Olmeyer explains, Rinsing the product too quickly makes its use less effective “.

She therefore recommends applying the product to wet and then towel-dried hair, like a conditioner, and leaving it on for three to seven minutes before emulsifying it.

What are the disadvantages of violet shampoo?

Purple shampoo can fade the color

You should consider purple shampoo CareNot as a daily cleaning product. In fact, If you abuse it, you risk seeing your blonde go grey.

Adina Doss explains:

“When you remove too much yellow, the hair looks dull and darker, which is rarely the desired effect.”

Purple shampoo dries hair

Another negative point of the purple shampoo: It’s there Tendency to dry hair. So it is important not to skip the conditioning step when using them and to consider giving them a moisturizing mask from time to time.

Depending on their blonde color and the intensity of unwanted highlights, weekly or even biweekly use is sufficient. For a light boost between two applications, it is also possible to mix a little purple shampoo with your usual foaming product.

Apply violet shampoo to dry hair, a tip for very light blonde hair

For platinum blonde, gray or white hair, use purple shampoo Pre-shampoo mask It can be very effective in restoring very cold color.

The technique is simple: just spread the product evenly over the hair, leave it on for ten minutes before rinsing it out, and then wash your hair as usual.

Be careful though: the longer the exposure time, the stronger the effect of the yellowing and the risk of ending up with purple reflections! It’s worth watching your watch if it’s not the desired effect.

Shopping for purple shampoo for blonde without yellow highlights


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Moroccan violet shampoo

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