The mites that cling to our hair and drink our fat are in danger of extinction, the world

We are talking about a fighter.

Actress Jane Fonda said that her country, the United States, was making her ill. She told the world, o la Cour suprême est devenue un cloaque d’extrême-droite… Si elle était plus jeune Jane Fonda, peut-être ne reviendrait-elle pas chez elle, elle resterait en Italie où elle tourne un film aiment des femmes qui books. But at her age, she still wants to fight for feminism, which she has been a symbol of for 50 years, which she describes as a global movement, a philosophy of life, in the face of the violent and dominant patriarchy. . Feminism, she says, is the struggle for land, for children, for children, for men—men who, as in her country, were not condemned to become mortal students in high school, and patriarchal power in their own hands. .

On the New York Times websiteRead another great figure of this American feminist, Susan Faludi, The author of a great prophetic book thirty one years “backlash”, the backlash, who told how the apparent conquests of women have been deeply, culturally and socially undermined in a deeply unequal society … In his column in The New York Times, dated June 20, which thus foresaw the Supreme Court’s decision regarding abortion, Faludi analyzes a strategic mistake For a feminist, which would have linked her fate to celebrity culture: the stars, the most cheerful Beyoncé, embody a movement and influence – to the detriment of her true power, the power of activists in society. Originally, MeToo was a militant movement that advocated for black women victims of sexual violence, and it became a series of famous women condemning famous men…

But in this game, defeats for a star, such as Amber Heard’s loss in court and in public against Johnny Depp, become defeats of an idea, and flamboyant feminism has transcended the methods of its opponents, losing its chief cause. For being, to defend the most disadvantaged women. Faludi recalls that at the beginning of the last century, feminism converged with socialist and labor movements, and was taught that “the position of the poorest women determines the position of every woman”; This origin contrasts with the unrealism of a contemporary shirt worn by the stars, bearing the slogan “This is what feminism unites”, Made by workers from Mauritius that pay $1 an hour – She recalls Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook leader who held a women’s conference in a hotel where she refused to receive maids wanting to create a union. Founded Jane, an activist before she became a star, regrets that her Democratic friends have lost touch with the working class – everything will be connected.

Also talking about real estate…

And you will read in the echoes How along with the struggles our societies are adapting in a contemporary fluidity – thus, startups called “proptechs”, “proptech” as property, support young workers – those who will be healthy – in their first purchases, we expect them, they do not have time, Or we help them balance the budget so they don’t stay too small, come on, I’ll fund you 10% of your purchases, in return I’ll own a 15% stake – is that a good deal. It’s in Les Echos’ Start Book, also on the site – whose address is delightfully outdated – The New Ways to Becoming an Owner. But not everyone is the owner, I learned that young people choose roommates in castle-like houses with 21 rooms, others rent rooms in nursing homes … It’s sad that the neighbors go.

in ParisI read that in Argenteuil and other suburbs we create co-working spaces in new buildings, we go down with our computer and meet our neighbors, it’s a social activity …

At Liberation, read the absolutely fantastic article by Willie Le Devinewhich narrates the human community born in the trial of the November 2015 attacks that ended this week – the community of surviving victims of civil parties, but sometimes also included some accused … Three of them appeared free, went thus one night in front of the Bataclan, at a hearing said the mother of The victim of one of their advocates … “Sir, if he returns to prison, I want his wife to come and sleep with me.”

In western France you can smile Tenderly two white-haired men, one French and one German, in front of a palace in Breton, holding in their hands a vase which the great-grandmother of Henri de Bronnac de Bougainville had given in 1943 to the father of Walter Triple, an engineer of the German Navy who had been staying with her during the occupation, the vase was returned, Friendship can be born.

Finally, let’s talk about decadence…

in Provence You will feel the loss of values, you know that the killers in Marseille who have thrived since the beginning of the year are often clumsy, they leave clues, they don’t keep a Kalashnikov that breaks, they run away on a rented motorbike.. Roger Arduin, who was the voice of our neighbors in Europe 1 in Marseille and we just left , of which Provence speaks of his passion, would have made a wonderful paper from it. .

In Figaro you will be happy To learn that dryness is the splendor of appearing for scouts who are back in fashion, some have inherited the gift of a pendulum or a rod from their ancestors, we will read Banyulsk folklore but also scouts in Eson, we learn that you don’t have to drink alcohol when you ask your pendulum or say nonsense. .

In the world you will learn That old pact is melting — the pact that associates man with the “Demodex folliculorum” a modest-faced mite about a third of a millimeter long that clings to our hair, particularly for mating, is hot, lives in the pores of our face, and the boil of us is home to 3,600 of them feeding on our fat. …but because of living on man, the beast has evolved lazily and is in danger of extinction, our skin is healthier and we will be happy.

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