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Due to confinement and social isolation, many girls are currently wearing cuts that they already find outdated. Of course, modern women, as a whole, want to change their appearance whenever the opportunity arises. And if going from long to short is something that can be done in no time, then the opposite is a process that takes more or less time. Over the months, you have to let your hair cut into a pixie, short bob or little square grow out so you can shape it as you see fit next. Meanwhile, we struggle to tame flies and constantly struggle with what’s called a transitional hairstyle that often lacks shape and structure or looks completely sloppy. Buff!

No one can say for sure whether hair salons will open or close over the next few months. Yet the omnipresent uncertainty does not diminish our thirst for diversity, which inevitably manifests itself each year as summer approaches. If you want to go a little taller and thus get closer to your summer 2021 mermaid look, you’ve come to the right review. In the current article, we bring you our best ideas for short to long transitional hairstyles that allow your hair to grow without looking neglected. From boyish cuts to long bobs, here they are in the spotlight!

Let your hair grow (temporarily) by adjusting its texture

How to grow your hair bob long transitional hairstyle

For starters, changing the texture is among the easiest and most effective ways to alter your look for the upcoming sunny days without going to extremes at the same time. OK, but what does that really mean? Well, it basically depends on your natural hair type…

The curl makes the transitional bob hairstyle grow

For example, girls with straight hair who wear a bob can curl their locks which will allow them to visually shorten them without having to cut them. As a bonus, if you have fine hair that lacks volume, this tough style will create the impression of thicker hair. Tip: To allow your hair to grow without damaging it, you can use the “haircut” technique and make curls without heat.

How to let your hair grow with great ideas for unstructured hairstyles

On the other hand, girls with wavy or curly hair can opt for a straightener and just cut the ends to give their hairstyle a shape more suitable for the new texture. If you have access to the services of a professional, try locks of different lengths. This kind of decadent cut will allow you to design a disorganized effect called ‘splash’ in English which is downright cool!

Wearing a bucket hat with a side parting is super trendy

Short wavy short bob transition hairstyle with side parting

Then, you can let your hair grow softly by choosing the side parting. In fact, the side parting is one of the best stylistic options one can choose when seeking to diversify the look. When you think about it, there are many reasons…

How to grow your hair-pop-pixie-ideas-hairstyles-colors

Firstly, this hairstyle is currently very trendy and a lot of Hollywood stars happily choose it. In addition, depending on personal preferences, it comes in several different forms, some of which are more aesthetic than others. Wear it every day or for a special occasion, side-parted hair is a hit, and for good reason!

Wearing lob hair on the side adopting a cool color to grow

Moreover, shifting your parting significantly to the left or right allows for braids with side joints, “inverted” patterns on the side of the head, excessive ear piercings, etc. During the festive season, this is not an aspect to be neglected at all!

How to let your hair grow with bangs

Grow Bob Hair With Bangs Transitional Hairstyles Ideas

As you can imagine, cutting off some of the bangs while you wait for the rest to grow is a suitable option only in very few cases. However, reducing the length or the way you wear your existing bangs a bit is a great way to diversify your bob. So here are some examples of transitional hairstyles with bangs in different styles that are all cute and contemporary.

Combine a decadent cut, off-center parting, and long side bangs

Hair grow transitional bob hairstyle with side bangs

Sharp bobs with short bangs: a smooth transition between a pixie cut and a lob

Blunt bob with short pixie cut bangs transition let's grow

Change color or coloring technique

Adopt the trendy color to let your bob hair grow

Finally, here’s how to radically change your head without cutting or styling your existing hair differently! One can simply grow their hair by beautifying it with a new color without making any other changes in the hair.

A voluminous pink powder to allow her hair to pop out

Of course, you don’t have to bleach your hair and use platinum blonde, titanium or smoky blonde hair, at least if you haven’t planned it in advance. Choose the right shade for your skin tone, skin tone and most importantly – your natural hair color.

An outdated blonde balayage bob turned to brown hair

Keep in mind that the coloring technique is just as important as the final effect as the color itself, if not more. Pink ombre for a true blonde, a little balayage on black hair in caramel, honey or copper hair from roots to ends for any girl who dares to indulge… These are all great options!

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