Here are five trendy short haircuts that can’t be missed for this spring and summer

Short hairstyles are already the most popular among the trends of spring-summer 2022. And Objeko Not the only person saying that. Actually our colleagues from the magazine feminine They are also unanimous. The hair trend of the moment is promoting short hair, long neck styles, those that look loose and bold. then ? Do you dare to follow the trends? Before making a decision, like our colleagues in feminineWe invite you to discover the top 5 trendy short haircuts. If someone catches your eye, a discussion with your hairdresser will allow you to clarify your ideas and, above all, implement them! For all ages, all colors and all hair types, it’s time to dare for a change.

The season’s unmistakable sale has become a must

Like every year, when spring comes, the winds of change and renewal disturb us. Spring is actually synonymous with modernity. Trees are budding, temperatures are milder, the sun is less shy… Lots of items have a talent to put everyone in a better mood. Also, when you are in good shape, it is easier to trust yourself and dare to make honest decisions. This is where short haircuts come in. In fact, if a few months ago you hesitated a few months ago with a daring plunging, long neckline or even a disorganized bob, it’s time to get started. Because according to the columns feminine And many other colleagues fromObjekoShort haircuts are trendier than ever this season! To help you decide, discover the top 5 trends for short hair.

The short square is a great classic of short cuts, it is already back in the trends of spring-summer 2022. It is impossible to do without this must-have for hairdressers. But this year, unlike previous years, a little invincible. In fact, it will be possible to tie it to, for example, a lock or a fringe. Or even adopt a “wet look” or voluntarily appear disorganized as desired. Hair fashion will have no more secrets at the end of this article.

They appeared several years ago, at the top of the trends. But the more years passed, the more ridiculous the long neck became. Some time ago, he was shyly returning to fashion. Especially thanks to the men and women who weren’t afraid to dare the original abbreviations. This courage was able to persuade on a larger scale until the spring-summer season. And now, the long neckline is making a big comeback in our favorite salon trends.

For a long nape, short bob or other short haircuts, you don’t want to miss the ‘wet look’. Literally, this means wet appearance. In short, wet hair effects are a must this season. In addition to our colleagues from the magazine feminine He claims that this is the case on both long and short hair!

  • Side wick or straight edge

Wicks and fringes, such as the “wet look”, are invited on various short haircuts. Usually, as defined again by our colleagues, highlights and fringes are recommended on long or medium length hair. But the novelty of this season is that short hair finally has the right to this privilege. So it became necessary.

To complete the list of the top 5 trendy short haircuts, the unstructured square is also at the top of the table. No more need to smooth, flatten and tighten… On the contrary, you dare to show a touch of madness! Short, unstructured hairstyles are actually very trendy Objeko He won’t tell you, they go to everyone. Whether you’re over 50 or younger, whether your hair is natural or colored, and whatever color it is, an unstructured bob brings a bold, bold effect that provides volume and movement to your short haircut. The opportunity to finally give it more character.

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