Hair Loss: When Should You Worry?

our guest: Stella Beselli, Physiotherapist

We have about 100,000 hair follicles – every day we lose about 80 follicles.

Hair loss: what are the causes?

Thyroid symptoms (tiredness, chills, swelling in the neck, weight gain, constipation)

Signs of purification (zinc and iron deficiency)

Iron is an essential mineral for the body, especially for the production of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that allows oxygen to be transported in the body and in particular to ensure good nutrition and oxygen for the hair-proliferating cells.

Iron deficiency: Tiredthey DizzinessThe pallor of the skinCrumbling and brittle nails may be due to a Emotional shock or stress.

Various hormones are secreted into the blood that cause inflammation. The life cycle of hair accelerates and falls out faster.

• It will act on the adrenal glands and dramatically increase androgen production and disrupt the functioning of the follicle.

Excessive consumption of our stock of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants.

– Results of drug therapy (chemotherapy, etc.)

Hormonal cause: When there is a decrease in estrogen and an increase in androgens and testosterone, hair loss occurs.

(postpartum, SPOK)

hair care

Avoid treatments with endocrine disruptors, preferably sulfate-free shampoos

Solution: nettle / horsetail, allow hair remineralization in external care or in alcohol

Horsetail and nettle blend is great for detoxing and remineralizing

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zinc : The predecessor of keratin (protects hair and gives it softness, shine and resistance). With age, hair production decreases and hair becomes thinner.

Zinc accelerates the production of keratin: hair and nails.

Protects the roots from infections and stimulates hair growth

Be careful in the morning on an empty stomach but it can cause nausea

Greasy hair :

Consider green clay masks on the roots. Dry them with a hairdryer so the hair restores lubrication less quickly

Holidays: sun, sea, pool

Shop anti-UV hair sprays or at home

Fragile scalp (itching):

linden oil Oily hair: Lavender aqueous for dry and damaged hair: Horsetail aqueous rosemary aqueous (prevents the formation of dandruff, facilitates detangling) Hydrozol is preferred to buy from local producers

againstFor dry and damaged hair Aqueous solution of horsetail of rosemary (prevents film formation and facilitates detangling) It is preferable to purchase an aqueous solution from local producers

Food side: foods rich in vitamins

Supplement + Meat + Offal (veal liver / pork), fish, seafood

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