Champigny: Treat yourself to a gym session and a balanced dinner with former athletics champion Eunice Barber

Once the music kicks in and it starts to move, Eunice Barber displays a huge smile that she doesn’t seem to want to let go of anymore. The former athletics champion enjoys exercising and communicating this healthy passion. At the invitation of the restaurant Par simple gourmandise, located in Champigny, she now leads the fitness sessions every Tuesday evening.

Upon simple registration and for only €17.90, men and women are invited to participate in one hour of sport in music and in a friendly atmosphere, before partaking in a balanced dinner, on the terrace if the weather is nice. The “fit’dinner” formula was launched, but dozens of people have already tested and approved it. Even the most loyal people can choose the four-session and four-menu formula for only €65.

“No need to make dinner on the way home”

“It allowed me to get back into the sport and with the formula, no need to make dinner on the way home, it’s perfect,” believes Melanie, who participated in four of the first five sessions and says she was ” seduced by the tantalizing smells from the kitchen” as soon as she arrived.

The restaurant on Rue de Verdun was looking to bring its dining room to life. He is the customer who runs a store in Champigny where Eunice Barber likes to go, and he is the one who suggested that the two women collaborate. “The concept of giving lessons here and then having dinner together immediately liked me, and since I’m setting up my apprenticeship in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), it’s quite cohesive,” says Eunice Barber, who lives in Chennevières.

The former world champion in the heptathlon and the long jump, the disciplines in which she set French records, ended her career twelve years ago. I have since trained as a coach.

It is she who has always liked group lessons, which are given in the atmosphere of a restaurant rather than a gym. From 7 pm, amateurs arrive. It could be six or seven at most. Leggings, a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers suffice. Eunice pins her long hair into a bandana, picks up the stopwatch, and starts the playlist. “Afrobeat, reggae or funk”, defines the hero.

Par Simple Gourmandise offers healthy and simple dishes to eat on the spot, or take away, after a gym session. Dr.

For an hour, the highly diverse workouts follow each other every thirty seconds. The duo plans to soon get a few gym mats, medicine balls, and something to do with grades or even ropes, always to make the session as fun as possible. Outdoor sessions are also planned, as is a special beginner’s course on Fridays if demand is higher.

On the menu: grilled chicken, raw vegetables and seasonal fruits

After the effort comes the time of rest. Janis Moreira Fernandez, who launched Par Simple Gourmandise just before her first reservation, plans simple, fresh, and healthy menus. “For now, salads are clearly welcome, with shrimp or avocado for example, the cook narrates. Tonight is roast chicken, raw vegetables and as usual seasonal fruit, and this time it will be watermelon!”

What we return tired, but saturated after what the two initiators define as “a real evening to the soul, during which one forgets the problems of everyday life.” The only thing left for the participants to do is shower.

Jessica tested on Tuesday evenings and enjoyed them so much that she comes from Val d’Oise for her gym session and balanced meals. “Previously, I had trouble with digestion due to the fact that I stopped exercising, says the young lady. Since I started exercising again and with Fit’dinner I am in great shape. I highly recommend people to go for a ride, we have a trainer who advises us very well! »

with simple greed, at 36, rue de Verdun in Champigny. Formula Fit’dinner every Tuesday upon registration. Such as. :

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