Aldebert, a children’s singer carved in metal

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Clisson (France) (AFP) – Elias, 14, asks Aldebert for a selfie, surprised to meet the child star at Hellfest, a metal festival: Nothing contradicts, this music, emotion intact, watered the artist’s roots.

“I’ve never met him before, I’ve listened to his albums all my childhood, and I was surprised to see him here, I didn’t know he liked that kind of music,” he told AFP, a teenager. The young cheerleader is wearing a T-shirt from Merizon, the metal band from Nantes near Cleison (Loire Atlantic) where Helvest performed until Sunday.

Sebastian, 47, a bearded woodcutter, father of Elias, Aldebert released: “We are waiting for an adult album!”. “And why not Hildebert?” The singer who became a star brings back his sequel of albums titled “Enfantillages”.

Aldebert and Mittal, it’s a long story. “I had the comic book culture, my dad was a designer and a metalworker, and I got into it through drawing,” he recounts for the AFP film.

Then in CM1, he sees in a trade show the cover of Iron Maiden’s “Killers,” with zombies “all in play.” He asks for the record as a birthday gift. This will be followed by the discovery of “AC/DC K7 forgotten by the older brother of a friend in the family R9”. Then there was Metallica’s concert on TV and Steve Fay, the American guitarist, was “responsible for my failure at school.”

– ‘A parallel between metal and childhood’ –

“I got kicked out second in high school, and I wasn’t there.” He finds himself in the hospital’s laundry room. With his first salary, he buys a guitar amplifier and thus dives into metal.

The bald person laughs today: “My hair was long, what my hair.” “It was cool but at the same time it was very dark, because it was a concern for my parents.” “But it was such a good kick in the ass, I said to myself ‘You live in Besançon, you’ll never be Kirk Hammett (Metallica guitarist)’ +”.

Singer Aldebert at the Hellfest Festival, June 26, 2022 in Clisson, western France Sebastien Salom-Gomis, AFP

At the turn of 25, he again entered the French single, with the success story we know today on children’s albums (resuming his tour in November in Zénith Rooms, until April 2023).

“Metal has always been in my repertoire of energy, authenticity, and sincerity, that’s how I draw the parallel between metal and childhood.”

At the age of 40 (he is now 48) he discovered Hellfest and became addicted to the event. In 2017, he married again even in this vein.

‘Far from the cliches’

His wife, in a wedding dress, surfs the crowd carrying her at arm’s length in front of a stage where Slash, the guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, is performing solo. “I appeared on the giant screen and said to the guy next to me +Hi, it’s my wife! +, I was so proud.”

Madeleine Proust breathes in the Helvest. “With my friends, at the Guns N’ Roses party (Saturday night at Hellfest) it was a contest of who cried the fastest.”

Singer Aldebert at the Hellfest Festival, June 26, 2022 in Clisson, western France
Singer Aldebert at the Hellfest Festival, June 26, 2022 in Clisson, western France Sebastien Salom-Gomis, AFP

“When I see people like Slash or James Hetfield on stage (Metallica, scheduled for Sunday night at Hellfest), it’s like Spiderman to me, they’re not normal people, they can’t feel a backache,” he smiles.

Kids Are Never Far Away He is currently working on an experimental documentary project entitled “Children of Hell”. “When they get to know me at Hellfest, I interview them, we chat with them, and the kids are very nice.” “They come with their parents or grandparents, that’s the cross-generational aspect I want to show in metal, away from the clichés of violence that still stick to this music.”

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