24 Hours of Le Mans: I followed the first team of 100% female drivers, Iron Dimes… and it was amazing!

We all know (right?) 24 Hours of Le Mans (but not quite as much yet iron ladies). This legendary car race, which just celebrated its 90th anniversary, and where I went for the first time this year, against all odds. You will say to me (and you will certainly not be mistaken): “But what is the relationship between WG France and this dream competition like Formula One?” Not much except there iron ladiesthe first 100% all-female team, founded in 2018 by Deborah Meyer, which I had the opportunity to meet for 24 hours. As a journalist adept at inspiring human journeys and a staunch advocate for women’s empowerment, I took the opportunity to follow these funny ladies in pink suits. It must be said that they do not go unnoticed but reckon and impose themselves against the leading men in this discipline. A chance to live together in these inspiring encounters and this day is full of emotions.

Rachel Frey, Michael Gatting and Sarah Bovey of Iron Dams in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2022

Stefano Arcari

Head to Uncharted Land with Iron Dames

He hardly got to the city, and the enthusiasm of the audience is already at the meeting. In addition to the locals who have motorsports in their blood, enthusiasts from all over the world came to attend the launch of this 90th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. All ages, nationalities, all generations and backgrounds. This year, out of 60 cars with 3 drivers in rotation, only 5 women participated, including 3 personalitiesiron ladies Which I followed … on the plane A Ferrari 488 GTE Rose, took turns driving for a whole day: for her second engagement, Sarah BuffyThe 33-year-old Belgian and Michael Gattingthe 28-year-old Dane and Rachel Frey, The 36-year-old Swiss, both races for the fourth time at Sarthe.

With their vibrant purple overalls, their big communicating smiles and their blonde hair, the three drivers quickly became darlings of motorsports fans. In the ring for autograph sessions or while parading in vintage cars through town the day before the start, they made no secret of their excitement over the passing of these funny ladies. “I am so happy for my daughter,” a Le Mans resident tells us, crying when her ten-year-old daughter received a hat. iron ladies And the smile of the pilots.

successful mission Deborah Meyer Which points to her stable’s 100% women’s goal: “Inspire young girls in all fields, hence our motto ‘Race to Inspire.’” Motor racing is one of the three sports (besides sailing and horseback riding) where men and women are equal because they don’t need any strength Certain physique Young girls are not educated enough to be interested in running when they are young: at this age training for future champions is crucial Evidence: In the stable iron ladies It consisted of 8 pilots, the youngest of them, Dorian PayneAt 18 years old, he has achieved first place wins and positions in his category.

Success as a family, signature in Iron Dames

Rachel Fry, Michelle Gatting and Sarah Buffy in full gear

Teamwork in Iron Dames

Stefano Arcari

Describes “I wasn’t in a car-loving family” Deborah Meyer On the birth of his passion. “I’ve always loved to drive and have a very competitive spirit. I’ve worked in investment banking…in this very masculine and competitive world I met my husband Claudio with whom we share everything. Car and speed have always been the tools that set me free.” She has made herself leading in a professional competition since 2016, and is a mother of twoiron ladies Her third child in a world where being a woman means fighting every day.

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