Yuzu is a small citrus fruit that has many benefits

Nutrition: What are the properties of yuzu?

Yuzu is unknown in France, and has some interesting qualities

  • A healthy dose of antioxidants
  • Vitamin C
  • fibers to cross

What are the health benefits of this citrus fruit?

Yuzu is very popular among gourmets and has many health benefits to highlight. This citrus fruit is interesting for its antioxidant-rich composition. One of the antioxidants, especially in this small citrus fruit, is vitamin C, the latter, known for its antioxidant properties, protects the body from free radicals. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is involved in the main functions of the body: defense against viral and bacterial infections, protection of the vascular wall, iron absorption Antioxidant action (captures free radicals), healing. Vitamin C also enhances iron absorption,” details the National Food Safety Agency (Anses), a vitamin C that helps fight some everyday illnesses.

Vitamin C for whom? Nutritional references consider coverage of vitamin C needs in the context of its dual role, anti-absorption and antioxidant power. Vitamin C needs are increased in certain pathological conditions (fractures, infection, anticancer therapy) but also depending on lifestyle dependence (intensive physical activity). , excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking) in adults, Population Reference Nutrients (PRNs) updated in 2016. They are 110 mg/day for men and women,” notes the ANSES.

Yuzu is rich in fiber, a compound that aids regular transit and promotes a little laziness. Fiber helps those who suffer from constipation find a calmer transit. Another good point for yuzu, the calories it contains. This little-known fruit is low in calories and strong in taste. A good solution to enhance your dishes without taking the gram.

Yuzu helps fight against platelet aggregation, Benefit helps fight cardiovascular disease. Accuracy with regard to the small amount ingested, the active ingredients are weak.

This fruit is the root of hair and skin

Flavonoids also have another benefit, which is to make hair shiny. This citrus fruit helps fortify and strengthen hair, and also helps reduce hair loss. Cosmetically this fruit is still also incorporated into the composition of some to revitalize the skin. The composition of the yuzu makes it a perfect ally for making collagen It moisturizes the skin. Good for the skin, Yuzu promotes cell renewal and thus helps fight the appearance of wrinkles.

ID Card: What is Yuzu?

Four characters and maximum flavour. Yuzu – Citrus juno – belongs to the rutaceae family, and is native to East Asia where it is a culinary ingredient. The diameter of this small fruit is between 5 and 8 centimeters. When ripe, it weighs about 100 grams. In general, his skin is uneven and rough.

How does it taste ?

Yuzu has many seeds and a little meat – Hence juicy. It is easier to find it in juice form than it is fresh. This citrus fruit has a very fruity taste. Smells between lime, tangerine and yellow grapefruit. Peak season is between September and December. Acidity is often highly appreciated by citrus lovers. A unique flavor appreciated by chefs for unusual recipes.

How is yuzu stored?

These small citrus fruits can be stored at room temperature or in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. In France, yuzu is still an exceptional product that is difficult to find fresh and expensive to buy. It is mainly purchased in the form of juice.

Yuzu essential oil is specially used stress reduction. It should not be used for too long and should always be diluted with vegetable oil. Yuzu essential oil is especially touted for its relaxing and antiseptic properties.

In the blink of an eye, yuzu will give Japanese inspiration to many recipes. It is mainly used in baking but can also prepare savory dishes. It is not uncommon to find this citrusy fruit in typical Japanese recipes such as sashimi. Simply put, it can also flavor eggs or can be combined with soy sauce. Yuzu can also be added to pastries or jams. Yuzu flavor can also be used as a seasoning. This citrus can also flavor cakes, mousses, and fruit salads. Another perfect match, that Yuzu and fish.

On the drink side, yuzu can also add flavor to a cup of tea.

Caution when used with Yuzu

There are no special contraindications to the consumption of yuzu. If you are using an essential oil, certain precautions are necessary for its safe use. In fact, the essential oil is not recommended for children, pregnant women and the elderly. If in doubt, it is recommended to seek advice from your doctor.

Like all citrus fruits, it can cause some stomach pain in susceptible persons.

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Good news, it is possible to grow yuzu at negative temperatures even if it is desirable to install it in the ground in regions with mild winters.

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