Sarah Jessica Parker is proud of her gray hair: this remark infuriates her

Last year, Sarah Jessica Parker shocked netizens with her assumption that her hair was graying. Her fans described her as a “brave” woman, and the “Sex and the City” star made things clear.

Sarah Jessica Parker does not get along with her fans, and she declared it. Main star of the series Sex and the City Leave in an interview with Speed This Thursday, June 23. The 57-year-old actress has made a noticeable return to the reaction of her observers to one of her photos, which was published last year, in which She proudly wore her gray hair. Then netizens rejoiced at the bravery of the actress who adopted her new look. Jessica Parker even told the media the words of some fans: So brave. You are so brave. However, the six-time Golden Globe winner didn’t hear it that way. “This has generated months and months of talk about how brave I am to have gray hair. Please, We applaud someone else’s courage over something elseI asked angrily.

For Sarah Jessica Parker, assuming her gray hair has nothing to do with being brave. On the contrary, it is above all for reasons shortage of time That actress showed herself under this new face. I can’t spend time getting color every two weeks. I can’t do that, no”And she continued, before sharing what was necessary for her: I want to feel good by my standards. I can’t even tell you what those criteria are. But you know how you feel when you are yourself.”

Sarah Jessica Parker bustle

In December 2021, Sarah Jessica Parker He had already talked about this topic during an interview with Vogue magazine. At that time, the movie star showed herself more stable. Especially because it judged the audience’s reactions sexual orientation. “There’s a lot of misogynistic gossip that could never happen to a man. Gray hair, gray hair, gray hair… I’m sitting with Andy Cohen, and he has a graying head.”She denounced before asking: Why is this normal for him? Alarmed, Sarah Jessica Parker concluded by declaring: “I know what I look like. I have no choice. What am I going to do about it?” stop aging? faded away?Since then, the actress has diluted her wine.

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