His new haircut tempts netizens

Mélanie Orlenko gave herself a new haircut that earned her many compliments on social networks. Discover her new hairstyle in this article.

Discovered in 2019 in Temptation Island 9Then Melanie Orlenko restricted shootings. She participated, among others, in several cross des Marseilleto me Princes and Princesses of Love 7 but also Target rest of the world.

Melanie Orlenko Instagram

And the person who, like Mila Jasmine, was not contacted Join the cast of the second season of the show dedicated to the family of Nicola Lusina It’s been talked about a lot lately on the web. Especially because of his clash with Maifa Ghannam. Otherwise, his absence was noted on the birthday of Josepa Corleo, to which his ex-wife, Greg Yega, was invited. On Instagram, Mélanie took the floor to explain why she didn’t go to her great friend’s birthday party:

I knew there were some people who would take advantage of this event to do their little show, their little show, their little publicity, who would enjoy a little glory moment. I can’t stand it. (…) First of all, I don’t know how to contain myself and I think I could have given up on some people whose names I will not name.

It was also planned that Melanie would fly to Los Angeles with Giusepa. But she finally had to call off her departure due to her professional commitments. However, it seems that Baja’s darling did not hold it against him.

Melanie Orlenko changed her mind

Since her split from Greg Yega, we don’t know of Melanie’s new official boyfriend. The two candidates first met as a married couple in Marseille vs the rest of the world 4, until Greg decided to return the cover with Maifa Ghannam. Greg and Melanie snapped the pieces in Cross 6 before breaking up a few weeks after filming ended, at the young woman’s initiative.

Since then, the two interact with each other regularly on social networks, although they claim that they are no longer in contact. Last April, during the boxing match between Dylan Terry and Benjamin Samat, we were able to see them colluding in the stands of the Palais des Sports in Marseille. But nothing to see there Possible reconciliation on the horizonEven if Greg isn’t against the idea of ​​fixing things up. On top of that, it looks like Melanie wanted to make a clean sweep of the past by sacrificing her long hair.

A new symbolic haircut?

It’s clear that Greg Yegga, who has denied being a drug user, has definitely drawn a line under his love affairs with his ex. Thus it appeared several times as being very close to Meroe Marazca, discovered in Princes and Princesses of Love 8 And now on air at Apprentice Adventurers 5. When she heard the news, Melanie said that Greg’s presence at Joseba’s birthday party wasn’t what made her want to come:

Please don’t think it’s about him, that I’m jealous or that I haven’t moved. So, I don’t care. He really does what he wants with his life.

It is in the cross next to Marseille we can come Candidates reunitewhich promise unforgettable episodes.

Greg Ligga and Melanie Orle
Greg Yeega and Melanie Orle Instagram

In the meantime, Melanie took time for herself and made a drastic decision. While her fans were accustomed to her long blond hair, The 29-year-old cut it all out and opted for a medium length bob, while retaining its colour. A wise choice, if we want to believe the comments of subscribers under his publication Instagram :

It suits you well, you are so sexy.

You are gorgeous, the box fits you beautifully!

Long, short, whatever, you’re awesome!

And you, what do you think of Melanie Orlenko’s new hairstyle?

Melanie Orlenko
Melanie Orlenko Instagram

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