Hilary (mothers and celebrities) reveals the first pictures of her marriage to Giovanni

This Saturday, June 25, Hilary D chites And his companion, Giovanni Bonami, said yes in front of all their loved ones assembled on this special occasion. The bride posted on Instagram a picture of her in her beautiful white dress.

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Hillary and Giovanni have been waiting for this day for months. However, at the last moment, the lovers could not leave Dubai to find their loved ones in France and get married. The young man was hit by a car. After he injured his leg, his doctor finally allowed him to travel, although he was still in a wheelchair or on crutches. “I’m fine! Morally, I have ups and downs… because in a few days it’s going to be my wedding and I won’t be that Prince Charming I’ve dreamed of so much. But I’m alive”He explained, explaining that he can only walk again in four or five months. But this life hazard did not disturb the party. All of their friends on reality TV were in attendance, like Tiffany (Koh Lanta) and Julia Paredes, who was also celebrating her son’s first birthday.

I am a married woman

A few hours before the ceremony, the romantic Giovanni presented a bouquet of 100 red roses to the mother of his children and his future wife. As for the latter, she took care of her future husband by drying his hair. Finally, the long-awaited moment arrived and Milo and Matthew’s parents said to each other ‘yesDuring a secular ceremony organized in a private field. Later that night, on Saturday, June 25, Hillary posted a photo of their hands and wedding rings to Instagram:I am a married womanI wrote.

Hillary shows off her wedding dress

The day after this memorable day, Hilary posted the first photo on Instagram of her outfit. For this occasion, participate in Moms and celebrities She wore a long white strapless dress. She had completed her dress with a pearl necklace and was holding in her hand a beautiful bouquet of light colored roses. In the comments, many netizens fell in love with the young lady. Fabulous‘, comments his girlfriend and influencer Sarah Lopez.Congratulations “,” All the happiness in the world “,” Exceptional bride “,” Super beautiful, you are incredible “,” So beautifulCan we read in her subscribers’ comments. A few minutes later on Instagram, she posted a shot of her finally reuniting with her husband when they had just exchanged vows (to discover over here).

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