Sophie Le Tan, the student who died on her 20th birthday

Jean-Marc Reiser’s trial begins on Monday, 27 June before the Bas-Rhin Assize Court in Strasbourg. Jean-Marc Reiser is this 61-year-old man accused of the murder of Sophie Le Tan, 20 year old student I came to visit her apartment in September 2018 in Sheltigheim.

His body was found a year later, in October 2019 in the Rosheim Forest by pedestrians. Since then, Jean-Marc Reiser admitted to killing the student, but denied that he had premeditated his gesture.

An open-minded young woman who is close to her family

Sophie Lu Tan was a young woman Everyone appreciates it. student ‘Open minded’“Respectful and politeThis is how her brother and sister describe this frail young woman with long black hair.

In September 2018, Sophie Lou Tan was preparing to enter the second year of her license in economics and management sciences, Hoping to pursue a career in hospitality. Moreover, those close to her evoke an intelligent, intelligent young woman who is talented in languages. Sophie Le Tan spoke French, German, English and Vietnamese and regularly assisted her parents from Vietnam with their administrative procedures.

The young woman also wanted at all costs to avoid burdening her relatives with the costs of her studies and worked as an overnight receptionist in a hotel to finance her student life. Sophie Lou Tan She was very attached to her family. Furthermore, on September 7, 2018, the day of her disappearance, she was expected to celebrate her 20th birthday at her parents’ home in Sernai, Haut-Rhin.

Witnesses called by Bas-Rhin police after his disappearance
Bass Rin Police

Forever special family

On the eve of Jean-Marc Reiser’s trial, Sophie Le Tan’s family of course Still as specified with this tragedy. “We are looking forward to this trial, but at the same time, we also have some concerns. It brings back memories, it reopens the wound. The family is still in shock. It’s been ruined, it’s hard to keep going when you know how the tragedy happened. It’s still very difficult today‘ explains Laurent, whose young cousin Sophie was.

Le Tan family press conference in November 2019
Le Tan family press conference in November 2019 © Maxppp

It is very difficult to wait for the victim’s family, great discoveries from the accused. “We don’t expect anything more from him. Even if we wish he would tell us the truth, who would tell us it would really be the truth? Recently, he was sentenced to tamper with witnesses. Until the end, he will try to defraud and get away with it. Who tells us that he will tell us the truth? So we don’t expect anything from him, only that justice will be servedLawrence continues.

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