In Eure-et-Loir, a stranger attacked with a knife in front of her 4-year-old daughter

The facts took place on Tuesday, June 21, at the Hyper U parking lot in Vernouillet. The investigation is underway and the assailant is still at large.

I’m in shock, I’m afraid. My daughter is shockedGrace is not about to forget her trip on Tuesday 21st June to Hyper U in Verneuil (Eur-et-Loire). This 35-year-old woman was violently attacked with a knife by an unknown person in the parking lot of a hypermarket. All That’s under the eyes of her 4-year-old daughter.

That day, just before noon, Naama parked her Renault Scenic in a car park near the shopping carts, near the main entrance. Her daughter accompanied her. After doing some quick errands, they get back to the car. While Naima was sitting at the wheel holding her daughter’s seat belt to her right, she suddenly hears her door open. The mother of the family turns around and seesBlack man in his thirties, short curly hairthat you haven’t seen before.

I understood that this man was cultivating me. I screamed he was chasing me.


Naima suddenly feels severe pain in her left leg and arm. “I understood that this man was cultivating me. I screamed that he didn’t stop, he was chasing after me. There was blood all over the carDistraught, the family’s mother finally manages to turn around and kick the assailant twice. The latter—of a normal build and wearing a turquoise blue shirt—walks a few meters away but continues to look at her, as if he’s going back to charging. Naima begins with a big commotion and rushes towards Hospital in Drew She has two cuts on her left forearm and three cuts on her left thigh.She does not require hospitalization but is benefiting from 10 days of ITT treatment.

Naima filed a complaint on the day of the attack. “An investigation entrusted to Drew Police Station is being conducted after these facts.“,” confirms to figaro Remy Cotten, Chartres Prosecutor. The attacker is still at large. Mutik during the attack, bent, armed with a knife with a large blade, his profile is alarming to say the least. According to our information, the attacker was parked in front of Naama since 9:30 am, in a white Peugeot 208, before following her to the Hyper U parking lot and attacking her.

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