How do you air dry your hair without frizz?

If there are lucky women perfect hair While they dry outdoors, others are a little less so and often end up with bouffant hair And with a wrinkle. phenomenon beyond us. Our hair should be neat after washing it. but not. Nature decided otherwise. So you feel compelled to to dry, to apply the “brushing” method but not because you still don’t know how to do it. So you often fall back on a hair straightenerwhich hurts you Poetry. In short, it’s often a vicious cycle that ends soon. The Foam hair ? Soon it will be just a bad memory. In fact, with this trick, you will finally be able to let your hair dry softly. And since good news never comes alone, a product that lets you do it frizz removal in your kitchen. At hand, then.

Why do we have a wrinkle?

When the hair is wet, Hydrogen bonds are temporarily broken. By leaving your hair wet for hours, you risk damaging the hair cuticle and its outer layers.”، Stephanie Ray, a scientist, explained that UK charm. but that is not all. “Hair to him protective leather layer The exterior consists of layers of keratin proteins that overlap like roof tiles. When the Keratin Tiles are laid flat and tightly overlapping, they create a very protective layer. When the hair wetIn most cases, they are “flexible” So more vulnerable for factors such as friction, Dr. Sharon Wong says:

The trick to fighting hair loss

it’s a simple trick Which will, however, allow you to let your hair dry in the open air without exposing it to pollution and other external aggressions when your hair is weak. When you rinse your shampoo and conditioner with finish Water mixed with apple cider vinegar. Game-changer tip based on Adam Campbell A famous hairdresser.

This solution smooths the skin, reduces the pH of the scalp, and restores hair’s luster and luster, ultimately helping to reduce frizz. »

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