Food Cravings During Pregnancy: Possible Causes

During pregnancy, our fantasies suddenly become more legitimate in the eyes of those around us…especially in terms of our food cravings! But are they really quirks? Researchers estimate that in addition to the repercussions of hormonal changes during pregnancy, This can serve as a warning to our filler. Craving for cheese? A sign of calcium deficiency. Want red meat? Maybe we should stock up on iron. The traditional craving for strawberries? Look for Vitamin C! The best excuse to give in to all our food cravings when we’re pregnant, while we take care of ourselves and our baby!

Pregnancy: Do you want cheese?

Whether you want goat cheese, fresh cheese or tome, apart from raw milk and flavored cheese (due to listeriosis), don’t deny yourself! Your calcium needs increase by 30% during pregnancy. Hence it is 1200 mg/day. To fill it up, consume four dairy products daily. However, cooked pasta, such as Emmental or Parmesan, is among the richest of this mineral, which is very valuable for the formation of the child’s skeleton and for preventing high blood pressure.

Parmesan cheese contains pre-digested enzymes (probiotics) that regulate transit. Garnish pasta, vegetables and salads with cheese. And to reduce fat intake, use plain yogurt.

Are you pregnant, craving salty foods, especially pork?

Pork contains particularly digestible proteins, useful for maintaining your muscles, and minerals (iron and zinc) for the synthesis of proteins, including keratin (a component of hair and nails). during pregnancy, to avoid the risk of infection, It is recommended to eat it cooked sous vide.

And if dry pork, like any charcuterie steak, is to be avoided by all future mothers, treat yourself to wrapped parma pork. With a maturation time of at least twelve months, it no longer poses any danger and proves to be easily digestible. It also contains oleic acid like olive oil.

On the other hand, be aware that no study has been able to verify the idea that salt cravings in pregnant women mean they’re expecting a boy, a craving for sweets, a girl… No matter your dietary clumsiness, they will. You have to wait until an ultrasound or delivery to find out the gender of your baby!

Pregnancy: Craving to eat salmon?

like all oily fishFresh or canned salmon is an important source of omega-3 essential fatty acids (DHA). However, the needs of a pregnant woman increase during the first two trimesters of pregnancy, in order to ensure the brain development of the fetus. It also reduces the risk of postpartum blues.

Eat salmon, but also mackerel and sardine…at least twice a week. It is advisable to alternate with other fatty fish because salmon, in the middle of the food chain, can contain a high content of mercury, which is dangerous for the fetus. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to small fish at the bottom of the food chain.

Avoid frozen fish over two months old, which is lower in DHA. And the Forget smoked salmon, due to the risk of listeriosis contamination. Complete your intake with nuts, lettuce, and rapeseed oil.

Pregnant, I want spinach!

The hypothesis in case of craving for spinach is vitamin B9 deficiency … Like all leafy greens (sorrel, lettuce, arugula, cabbage, etc.), spinach is indeed well supplied with folic acid. He went, Folic acid plays an essential role from the 14th day of pregnancy To close the baby’s neural tube. To avoid abnormalities and strengthen the immune system, eat leafy greens regularly and sprinkle salads with brewer’s yeast. A real mine of vitamin B9!

Sweet: When does a pregnant woman crave strawberries or kiwis?

Kiwi or strawberry, such as guava and citrus fruits, are full vitamin C. This vitamin is useful in strengthening the immune defenses and fighting fatigue in pregnant women, and also regulates the production of hormones. Exotic fruit salads for you!

Forbidden food: What do you do against steak cravings during pregnancy?

Are you dying for rice steak? Alas, You will have to do without it throughout pregnancy, Because of the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis. On the other hand, your craving definitely means the need for iron, which has doubled in the past six months. This iron helps fight fatigue and reduces the risk of prematurity. Steak, yes, but…well done!

Food cravings: Why do I crave mashed potatoes during pregnancy?

Potatoes, like all starchy foods, should be eaten with every meal when you are pregnant. Indeed during pregnancy, carbohydrate metabolism is modified and Your child wants glucose. Potatoes (rich in potassium), pasta, rice or semolina, rich in complex carbohydrates, will satisfy the needs and desires of the fetus. Finally, starchy foods help fight acidity.

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