Curtain Explosions: This Is Our Ultimate Guide To Success Every Time

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Redken – Volumize Guts 10 Styling Mousse

16.55 €

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Kerastase – condensing foam treatment


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Virtue – Anti-Wrinkle Protective Mist

45 EUR

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Leonor Grill Alcohol-Free Styling Gel


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Revlon Volumizing Blower Brush


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Dyson Hair Dryer – Supersonic™


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How to design a curtain fringe

When working with straight or wavy hair, it is recommended to build the bangs while the strands are still wet. Mark Townsend Recommend to dry the hair with a flat brush, such as a bristle brush Mason Pearson and Harry JoshThen use a round brush, held vertically, to lift the bangs. “It’s a slight nod to the late ’60s and early ’70s, but it’s modern,” he says. The longer the curtain falls on the cheeks, Xavier Velazquez Likes to use a medium to large round brush. “Blow the entire section forward to maximize volume, then do the same with the ends back and out to clean the cheekbones,” he says. “Take it one step further and secure the section in the curler for longer-lasting volume, keep in mind Claudia Schiffer in the nineties.” I’m a huge fan of air drying with the right fit and texture,” says Xavier Velazquezwho loves Frizz Block Smoothing Spray from based, An excellent hydrating and anti-moisture veil for lengths. “This allows curtain poppers to live freely, maximizing the definition of your features.” In either scenario, if little spiky hair is a problem, consider using flat, no-dip clips along your parting to keep it away, or take out the heavy artillery with the secret weapon of Mark Townsend : Shaving iron for “gentle heat” without burning the scalp. For curly hair, letting bangs air dry is relatively simple and effective Vernon Francois. But for more definition, “twist your locks on your fingers or twist two strands into damp hair, then let them settle naturally or use a diffuser before gently separating the braids when hair is completely dry.” When working with curly and kinky textures, a two-strand twist or knot is preferred over freshly washed bangs. “Once the hair is completely dry, give it shape with an afro-hair stick or using just your fingertips, apply a little serum to amplify the texture,” he says. Vernon Francois. On the other hand, curly bangs can also be blow dried naturally, for a short ‘pixie bangs’ effect.

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