What is the trendy haircut for a round face with glasses this summer?

A woman’s hair is sacred, it reflects her femininity and sensuality. We have all had more than one bad experience at a hairdresser. Finding the right haircut, that highlights us, is a delicate task. To be more confident during your next visit to the hairdresser, we will give you some lessons in facial morphology. Each woman has a different face shape: square, oval, round, triangular or other. Our task becomes more complicated if we wear glasses, because we have to create additional harmony. In this article, we will focus on the perfect haircut for a round face with glasses.

Pixel cut is a great idea for a round face and highlights your glasses

The purpose of a good shave is to improve our face by rebalancing the proportions and masking any imperfections. If you wear glasses, the problem will be much more complicated. But before we proceed and look for the haircut for a round face with glasses, we will determine what a round face is and what kind of glasses go with this shape.

The round face is distinguished by smooth curves


round face

If the forehead and jawline of your face are round and the same length, then you definitely have a round shape. The round shape of the face gives off a childish vibe, it is often said that you have a doll head. The desired result is the lengthening of the face thanks to the appropriate haircut. To illustrate all this, we are going to give you some side examples of our dear celebs who have a round face.

  • Audrey Tautou
  • Selena Gomez
  • Michelle Williams
  • Kate Winslet
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Emma Stone

Emma Stuna has a round face and a medium length cut to give volume

Cut the wick on the side for a round face

Which glasses for round face?

We already understood that when you have a round face, angles are missing. Therefore, to rebalance everything with the help of glasses, you need to choose elongated, oval or rectangular frames. Round tires should be avoided at all. To create visual harmony while maintaining style, follow these tips. If your eyeglass frames are a little warped in thickness or color, opt for a cropped size. If you are more classic about your glasses, use a medium length or long layered hairstyle to style everything. Avoid bangs, they don’t suit round faces or people who wear glasses or maybe bangs that will draw attention to your cheekbones.

Avoid round glasses when you have the same face shape

lindl brown feather round face with glasses

Haircut for a round face with glasses

Multi Layered Medium Length Cut: Excellent for Round Face

We’ll bet the volume and the fuzzy, medium-length square cut is perfect for round faces, as it helps revitalize the face and thicken hair. Especially since this haircut is very practical if you have thin hair. For glasses, the extended shape can make a difference.

A deteriorating cut will increase the volume and lengthen the face

wavy haircut woman with glasses

Short cut or pixie cut

In order to better highlight round faces, a pixelated cut is perfect. If we follow the advice, we must create a volume in height. With the pixie cut, you can play with locks of different lengths on top of the head to elongate the face. An asymmetric cut can be an interesting option. As for the glasses, you can abandon the elegance.

The pixie cut is very trendy and goes for women with round faces and glasses.

Pixi woman cut short hair and glasses

Avoid cutting hair when you have a round face

When you have a round face, there is some hair craziness that you should avoid. We start with a square ball haircut, because in this way you will highlight the roundness of the face more. For hairstyles, too soft hair should be avoided, as it will create imbalance and emphasize the roundness of the face. Short bangs should also be avoided, as they will cut the face.

Selena Gomez with a decadent cut for a round face

Long, decadent haircut, round face, Selena Gomez

What is the hairstyle to purify the round face?

We talked about hairstyles to improve a round face, and here we will give you an idea of ​​a hairstyle for lengthening the face. Our examples are right on trend for the summer season.

  • A bun over the head.
  • blur
  • wavy
  • wick on the side

The cake is ideal for a round face, as it will lengthen and create symmetry

Shaving for round face glasses

Haircut for a 50-year-old woman with a round face and glasses

Perfect short haircut for women after 50 with glasses. Hair, after a certain age, tends to become thin and brittle, and this hairstyle will give you volume and personality. The good thing about this cut is that it fits nicely with the glasses, because they won’t steal the show from each other, there’s enough room for everyone.

Gorgeous pixie cut for women over 50 with glasses

50-year-old woman pixie cut and glasses

Here, you now know all about the round face haircut with glasses and much more. In nature, there is harmony, with this in mind, you can follow our advice on body types in general, but the most important thing is to feel beautiful and harmonious with yourself.

Even if you have a round face, you have to take into account the nose and ears when choosing your hairstyle

Round face glasses with black hair glasses


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Blur hairstyle for a round face

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