Trendy hairstyles for summer 2022: Weigh’s choice at the beginning

There’s nothing quite like a new haircut to feel proud and good about yourself as the warm season approaches. But in front of all these new trends, which one would you choose?

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The team at Pèse sur start have turned hair experts at the time of writing, to guide you through the most stylish styles for early summer 2022.

The weather is nice, the sun is shining, it’s time to be bold and treat yourself to a new face that makes others transform!

Without further ado, here are 20 haircuts to embrace without delay:

Eraser, inspired by Paul Phoenix’s Tekken

Photo courtesy Bandai Namco

Wipe out your previous faux pas with this durable cut like rootstock.

The Assumed Autodidact, inspired by Ashei from The Legend of Zelda: Princess of Twilight

Image courtesy of Nintendo

You cut your bangs yourself in front of the mirror and the results don’t live up to your expectations? Don’t worry and turn your sweet efforts into a new trend of the hour!

Forelock of Fire, inspired by Wakka from Final Fantasy X

Image courtesy of Square Enix

Do you have a flamboyant, charismatic personality to spare? Perfect for surfers and Blitzpool fans, this cut will show off your crazy hair.

Boys band, inspired by Leon S. Kennedy vampire

Image courtesy Capcom

Everyone, yeah! Shake your body, yes!

The tablet is inspired by Guile de Street Fighter

Youtube screenshot

The perfect headpiece for displaying the prettiest items in your collection of hats (and other decorative items).

The brush, inspired by Benimaru Nikaido from king of fighters

Youtube screenshot

Soar to new heights with this colorful cut, which will allow you to have a head above the fight.

Hair curtain, inspired by Bayonetta

Photo courtesy PlatinumGames

Turn your hair into a majestic hair curtain that will separate you from the crowd with style.

A fluorescent troll, inspired by Jacques D Jack and Daxter

Photo courtesy of Naughty Dog

Nostalgic for a time when figurines with prominent hair were in everyone’s hands? Share your passion for sun-kissed colored hair with this incomparable hairstyle!

The Circle, inspired by Jackie Welles of Cyberpunk 2077 movie

Photo courtesy of CD Projekt

Why wear the goatee on your chin when you could put it on your forehead instead? To ask a question is to answer it.

Aerodynamics, inspired by the Phoenix Wrightace lawyer

Image courtesy Capcom

Show your love for justice with this cut, which is easy to style with plenty of gel and a ride in a convertible.

La Pointue, inspired by Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

Image courtesy of Square Enix

For angular personalities, who like to provoke and sting.

The Marbled Medium, inspired by Vulcano Rosso from Street Fighter

Image courtesy Capcom

Soft Marble Ice Cream, Duo Penotti lovers, get a whirlwind of fun with this unique blast.

The Thorny, inspired by Poison from Street Fighter

Image courtesy Capcom

Somewhere between the chariot, a character from Dragon Ball And a very sweet candy from the store is such pieces, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Tentacle inspired by Splatoon 3

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Let the tentacles work their magic with these hairstyles that will stand out as just as on the ocean floor as on the side of your favorite seafood restaurant.

La Trouée, inspired by Birdie from Street Fighter

Image courtesy Capcom

The wind picks up and the Mohawk falls to the side? We have the solution! Also perfect for Sunday afternoon games of skill.

Owl, inspired by Heihachi Mishima from Tekken

Photo courtesy Bandai Namco

Embody the wisdom in your personality with these adorable oversized t-shirts.

The Badger, inspired by Daryan Crescendace lawyer

Image courtesy Capcom

For those with a rocking heart…or a small nocturnal mammal.

Le Cornu, inspired by Seymour Guado of Final Fantasy X

Youtube screenshot

It’s Saturday night and your horns are growing? It’s time to go to the hairdresser, blue dye on hand.

Relentless, inspired by General Lionwhyte from brutal legend

Photo courtesy of Double Fine Productions

Why cut, comb or tie your hair? Live and let others live!

Hang Glider, inspired by Lusamine of Pokemon Sun And the the moon

Picture courtesy Fancy Game

Escape from everyday concerns and take to new heights with this truly modern design.

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