Queen Elizabeth II appears to be launching a new haircut: photos

Queen Elizabeth.

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Resembles Queen Elizabeth II good look! It looks like the British Queen launched a new haircut after her platinum jubilee earlier this month.

On Wednesday 22nd June, Her Majesty, 96, met the Governor of New South Wales Margaret Beasley At Windsor Castle. In the photos, the Queen appears to have ditched her braided belly for a shorter, combed look. To complement the show-stopping cut, Elizabeth wore a delicate yellow dress embellished with blue and red roses. She completed the outfit with black shoes.

The Queen was last seen with longer locks on June 5 when she made a surprise appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to conclude her platinum jubilee celebrations. The Queen wore a bright green dress and a set of pearls as she greeted a crowd of well-wishers after the jubilee competition. She also wore an emerald hat, which was showing off her signature files.

Since March 2020 with the help of the Queen, Angela Kelly, in the form of Her Majesty’s hair. Kelly, 64, has opened up about her experience working specifically with the British royal family amid the pandemic, in the updated edition of her book, Obverse of the coin: the queen, chest of drawers, and wardrobe.

“As of March 2020, I have washed, styled and styled the Queen’s hair weekly, and even cut it as needed. Kelly wrote, according to an extract obtained by my team: “Kelly’s Salon” hello magazine. “The first two weeks, I was shivering. I’ve only styled her hair once or twice on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

She added: “The Queen has been very kind in advising me on the very specific way to make the lists.”

Kelly, who began her career at Buckingham Palace 28 years ago, is also the woman behind Elizabeth’s brightly colored wardrobe. She curates, designs and designs the dresses and coats that the Queen is famous for. Her Majesty rarely wears dark colors, opting instead for shades of pink, blue and yellow – a theme that has inspired even Duchess Kate.

Royal expert Bethan Holt said: “A lot of the things we see the Duchess of Cambridge doing today are things that I learned from the Queen.” We are weekly exclusively. “A lot of Kate’s love for skirts comes from the Queen,” he said The Queen: 70 Years of Majestic Style says the author.

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