Laeticia Hallyday Inspired by Marylin Monroe on Vacation in Saint-Tropez!

Leticia Hallyday enjoys her vacation in Saint Tropez. For the occasion, she decided to take inspiration from Marilyn Monroe for a look.

Leticia Hallyday is making good use of her vacation in France. Opportunity for Umm Jade
and fun Unveiled her new haircut From hair and flowing dress, inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s dress. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Leticia Hallyday thrives side by side with her lover

It has been at least 4 years since Leticia Hallyday lost her husband, Johnny Hallyday. His departure left a huge void.

After months alone, in the company of her two daughters, Jade and Joy, the 44-year-old has managed to find a taste for love. In fact, the widow of the rocker is He fell under the spell of Jalil Lispert.

here it is now More than a year they spin the perfect love, Despite criticism and attacks. But it does not matter, their love is stronger than anything else.

Furthermore, the two stars act like young teens. And nothing is said, between the declarations of love and Romantic HolidaysEverything seems to be in good condition for them.

In short, Leticia Hallyday does everything to spend as much time as possible with her beloved. Last week, for example, a love bird Went to Elton John’s party.

But this time they decided to share a family moment. Thus, these They decided to put their bags in Saint-TropezIt’s a few weeks off.

Laetitia Hallyday’s chance to reveal full New haircut and flowy dress. A piece very reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Marilyn Monroe inspired dress

Everyone knows that Leticia Hallyday Want to change the style. Moreover, she showed it well, last March, on the occasion of her birthday party.

Yes because, for 47 years, the previous model has been I decided to get a new haircut. But with summer arriving, Leticia Hallyday wanted to renew the experience.

It’s been a few days since Johnny Hallyday’s widow settled in Saint-Tropez about his vacation. Quiet moment with her daughters and companion Jalil Lispert.

Because she was able to share on her Instagram account, the 47-year-old woman She changed her look for the summer. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of changes.

And this is how Leticia Hallyday reveals herself with A wavy blonde box and a flowing dress. A piece very reminiscent of the legendary Marilyn Monroe costume.

one thing is certain, This outfit must have pleased Jalil Lispert. After all, she still has a lot to do with the crossbar.

An emotional return to St Tropez. Blessed times Johnny’s fingerprint is everywhere in this village He loved it very much. Thank you to all the inhabitants of Tropez for their kindness », wrote in the comment to her Instagram post. New greetings to the rocker.

One thing is for sure, Laetitia Hallyday never misses an opportunity to achieve a goal I nodded to her late husband. On Father’s Day, she wrote a short letter to the father of her two daughters.

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