La Redoute: take advantage of discounts of up to -60% during the summer sale!

sYears of waiting, here are the La Redoute discount deals not to be missed!

Fashion: Sale for the whole family with La Redoute

The sale at La Redoute is above all an opportunity to pamper yourself, thanks to prices that can be halved on men’s, women’s and children’s fashion.

First of all, focus on women’s fashion, bringing you summer essentials, such as Levi’s Denim Mini Skirt. This blends easily with your entire wardrobe and offers value at half the price. You’ll also find multiple sales of -50% off on the La Redoute brand. Thus, the women’s short dress with a round neck, very light and 100% cotton, saves you precious euros, in addition to being made in Europe, for a summer while also reducing carbon emissions.

On men’s fashion, La Redoute applies the same promotional metrics, again with lower prices. We love La Redoute Collections’ -50% organic cotton Bermuda shorts that gently wrap, while allowing you to not struggle with the heat. And on a beach afternoon, choose from a wide range of swimwear, like La Redoute Collections’ polyester printed swim trunks, for super quick drying at a super low price.

Small prices also allow you to replenish the children’s wardrobe for the summer and the beginning of the school year. Mini Molly Sweatshirt dress, 8-16 years, is decorated with fashion details such as openwork shoulders for added freshness and elegance. But La Redoute sales of course extend to all ages, with jumpsuits, shorts, skirts or T-shirts on sale for both infants and older children.

Finally, regarding shoes and accessories, you can find exceptional discounts on all brands on the La Redoute website. From the boys’ crazy print Converse, to the Nike hat to protect yourself from the sun, La Redoute cuts allow you to live summer perfectly equipped while keeping your budget in check.

Good to know: With La Redoute+, from June 22-28, 2022, take advantage of an extra 20% off ready-to-wear La Redoute sold and delivered.

Home: Selling interiors as if it’s raining

A baby bed for the youngest? Want to change your sofa or decor? Or is it the vacuum cleaner that just gave up the ghost? La Redoute Sales are the perfect place to equip yourself, with savings of up to 60% on some items compared to the starting price.

This is particularly the case with the Rêverie latex mattress, which is available in three sizes. With a thickness of 16 cm, it provides sure relief, for a comfortable and pain-free night from the first days of summer, at an affordable price.

Home linens are also part of La Redoute’s classic sales offering, with duvet covers, curtains, bath sheets and a wide selection of tablecloths at half price.

And on the decorative side, we love this glass and metal pendant lamp, including the price tag, which offers a touch of design and modernity with its light game.

Good to know: With La Redoute+, take advantage of an additional 10% off the entire Maison section, sold and delivered by La Redoute, from June 22 to July 19, 2022.

Leisure, beauty and home appliances: pamper yourself without breaking your budget with La Redoute sale

Toys, food makers and beauty accessories, once again, save Euros in all categories with La Redoute discounts. Don’t miss out on the 33% discount on the KitchenAid Blender that will make you cook wonders. It is no longer possible to prove her strength and precious help to obtain successful sweets.

On the game side, La Redoute has great deals on kids’ favorite brands. In particular, you can benefit from sales of -35% on the Playmobil Scooby-Doo box. The combination of a great classic game with great classic animation is a safe bet for your gifts.

Finally, in the beauty category at La Redoute, you can continue to take care of yourself with its many offerings. The Philips straightener for thick and curly hair allows you to save more than 40% on the original price. And if you want to keep your hair short, La Redoute sales offer the Babyliss hair clipper for men. It can be used anywhere thanks to its cordless system, it allows you to maintain a professional haircut at home, and for half the price.

La Redoute Sales Guide

  • Date and location: Find La Redoute Summer 2022 sales online Wednesday, June 22 at 8 a.m. through July 19 inclusive and at any La Redoute Interiors store of store opening hours.
  • Take advantage of La Redoute discounts of up to -50% in the first week and up to -60% of the second price reduction.
  • Follow sales as closely as possible from the La Redoute app. You will be able to find out the best deals as well as any promotions or deals in progress on men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, as well as home décor and equipment. You will also find inspiration in style and décor thanks to expert advice. Finally, shop right there and follow the status of your La Redoute order in one gesture.

Offer valid from Wednesday 22nd June to Tuesday 19th July 2022 inclusive, within available stocks limits on select items marked with the “Sales” label. Offer valid in mainland France and Dom-Tom.

² Offer valid from 06/22/2022 to 06/28/2022. With La Redoute+, take advantage of an additional 20% off all ready-made items sold and shipped by La Redoute, including red prices (excluding Marketplace). The offer can also be combined with a promotional code (excluding codes such as “-X% extra” and “-X € extra”) as well as discounts and sales on the website.

The offer is valid from 06/22/2022 to 07/19/2022. With La Redoute+, take advantage of an additional 10% off all household items sold and shipped by La Redoute, including furniture, bedding, decor and home furnishings, including red prices and AMPM (excluding home appliances, baby care, beauty and market) . Offers can also be combined with a promotional code (excluding codes such as “-X% extra” and “-X € extra”) as well as website discounts.

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