Instagram Inspo For Hairstyles That Are Renewing To Urgently Adopt This Summer

Summer is officially here and we have no excuses not to take full advantage of this long-awaited period. In addition to unforgettable moments spent in the shining sun, beauty experiences are also shaping up to be a hallmark of the current season. So this applies to everyone, regardless of age! And to prove that you can fully dive into the spirit of summer even at the age of 70, our editorial team has prepared a great selection of the best younger-looking hairstyles that you must try this summer.

Let’s see together what are the best new hairstyle ideas to adopt without hesitation

Undoubtedly, the Pixie cut is at the top of the rankings of the best rejuvenating cuts. Usually, even just doing her long, rebellious haircut to give off a confident and trendy look is enough to enjoy a transformative look. So, if you’re betting on a more subtle effect, nothing is cooler than styling short hair in a more extravagant fashion. Now we show how to make a simple hairstyle.

Material :

  • Detangling the milk
  • Hair Dryer
  • Soft styling wax
  • hair spray


  1. Apply a little milk to wet hair.
  2. Then we process drying (which is the most important step!). Dry the hair by pulling it up to stay straight.
  3. If necessary, smooth hair at the ends to reshape the waves.
  4. Now, you have to apply some kind of styling wax with an elastic hold. But be careful, we only use a very small amount to better coordinate the hairstyle! Otherwise, you risk making the hair too heavy and difficult to handle.
  5. Spread the product on the fingers and spread it all over the hair to distribute to the ends.
  6. Finally, we fix with varnish.

The fashion designer who inspired Shauna women everywhere made us fall in love with this modern Pixie

Hairstyle mirror volume pixie sunglasses on top lacquer

© chicover50

Summer hairstyle with bandana

Summer is the perfect time to go on various fashion adventures including getting a fresh, sun-kissed hairstyle. And this is where fashion accessories come to our aid. One of the simplest and most successful ways to give yourself a 100% fresh and cool look is to incorporate a modern element into your hairstyle. Therefore, on hot summer days, the bandana is an all-time favourite! Its main highlight is that it easily adapts to many hair solutions: from the simplest to the most complex.

Sparkling accessories are one of our best allies: actress and model Colin Heydemann proves it

How to wear a white summer bandana hairstyle black skirt top

© colleen_heidemann


Oftentimes, we get the wrong impression that in order to look younger, we need to spend several hours preparing our hair and makeup. But this is actually just a misconception. Sometimes even the simplest hairstyle has the power to completely change our appearance. For example, a regular ponytail can be a perfect idea to accentuate the beauty of her face while enjoying a refreshing effect.

The influencer, Grace Ghanem, shows us that beauty has no age

color block outfit fluid pants pink shirt hairstyle 60 year old woman

© greceghanem

beach waves hairstyle

The must-have hairstyle for the summer season, sure, but it’s also very popular and fun to wear all year round. With its relaxed and natural waves, this wavy hairstyle is an excellent choice to turn heads. As a result, there are different techniques for enjoying such a look for surfers. The most popular and quickest alternative is to use a curling iron to shape the ends of the hair starting from the middle of the length.

Favorite summer hairstyle: beachy waves by stylist Charlotte

© thecharlotte_edit

mess cake

An easy stylish hairstyle that has been a hit on the networks for several years now. We adore her above all for her relaxed side which nevertheless perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the face, in a soft and natural way. Do you have long or medium length hair? So, without further ado, indulge yourself in this gorgeous summer hair option. The hair is tied up in a loose bun and a few tufts are dropped on the face, it’s the magic formula for a flawless look. So, to add a more elegant note to your vision, tying a pretty satin sash around the cake is an excellent alternative.

This vision of Chrysanthi F is a very inspiring example which proves to us that even with a super simple hairstyle we can achieve a flawless look.

Pink clothes shorts top shoes nude messy bun hairstyle with scarf

© mrs_goldpoison

Fringe on the side, please!

Speaking of the best hair decisions to revamp your look, adding bangs is definitely one of the best ideas to consider. If chosen correctly, it has the ability to enhance the face and accentuate its features. As a result, we, of course, have the possibility to choose the most suitable type according to its morphology. However, when talking about trends, side bangs are the current star. This is the perfect compromise for women who do not dare to wear too short and strict bangs, but nevertheless want to change their appearance and show their individuality.

Bangs have the power to instantly rejuvenate the face: inspiration from gorgeous Helen


Hair color gray white curls waves hairstyle 70 years


viral storm


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