Her mother publishes a picture of her naked, and they are beaten

This is the scandal of the moment! Always in the media headlines, the Marseille star was taking over Twitter yesterday due to a fatal mistake by his mother. In fact, Salia Ghanem accidentally posted a completely nude photo of Maeva Ghanem on her Snapchat account. Desiring to display her everyday outfits in the mirror, the mother of the reality TV nominee didn’t see that her daughter was walking around naked like a worm right behind her. If the image is quickly deleted, this means that the damage has been done and the image recorded by Internet users has already traveled across the web.

A position that would have upset the top of the brown sulfur.

Maifa Ghannam’s mother publishes a picture of her naked and beating her

As you can see in the photo above, Meva Gainam’s mother made a huge mistake by posting a picture in which her daughter appears completely naked. Obviously, we chose not to broadcast the original image. By discovering these huge dumplings, Mifa would have been pissed off with rage and would hit her mother according to the mysterious Instagram count pretending to be his cousin:An inflatable balloon just smashed his mom. I grabbed her by the hair, threw her to the floor, and then kicked her in the stomach. Mescina his mother was crying “help”. I am shocked for life at this girl’s violence! I just learned about Maeva’s nude photo, which I thought was a bang, when it was true. She confiscated her phone so she wouldn’t speak to the public.”

According to @couslee.mg, Mayfa Ghanam, who recently sparked controversy by putting her buttocks up in the air in a Tel Aviv yard, had attacked Chanel, her mother’s dog who wanted to defend her.

A bad commotion orchestrated by Maifa Ghanem and her mother? They explain themselves

After a few minutes , Mayfa Ghannam, who promised to sue all the bloggers who transmitted the nude photoShe spoke with utterly terrified tears: “I’m so nervous! My mom posts pictures without even looking! She doesn’t even start rotating the picture because she didn’t do it on purpose.” I hate my mother so much!

The next day, tensions between the two women seemed to have eased.

After a long silence on the networks, both Salya and Maeva appeared in the car. It seems that the star no longer blames him: “I’m doing better even though I haven’t slept much. I’ve been having stomach ache all night because of what happened yesterday… I’m currently with my mum, she wasn’t posting the picture on purpose! Next time, you’ll pay attention, you watch! It’s over. The photo spread all over France, everyone shared it … I’m disgusted, but I can’t go back! People on the Internet are bad. How do we share a picture of a naked woman? It is little!”

On her part, Saliya Ghanem explains:I didn’t do it on purpose!

I didn’t sleep, I was upset and tired! You told me: “Come on, let’s go”, I posted it and did not look. I will never be caught again.” In this latest video, netizens find itOne side of Meeva’s mother’s face was bruised. An outcome that would go in the direction of Mifa’s supposed cousin, who then announced that Mifa wanted to make a big fuss to blow up her mother’s account who had just signed up with Magali Berda. A bad fuss that will eventually go very badly…

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