Assassination of a psychiatrist in front of the Haute-Savoie criminal court

Albert Planck hears a bad voice. Therefore, since Tuesday, June 21, in the Chamber of the Haute-Savoie Assize Court, the 77-year-old detained defendant has been sitting in the courtroom and changing his chair regularly to hear his trial.

He is on trial for murder. On August 26, 2020, the psychiatrist of his daughter was killed, in his office in Annecy, by a rifle bullet in her face fired at close range. Morgan Newellers was 33 years old. She shared her waiting room with her husband, Lewis, a liberal clinical psychiatrist, like her. Louis was right next door, he heard everything, he saw everything.

There, you have to take a deep breath before diving in at night. Lewis says. “Our baby is 14 months old. I’ve been watching him all night because he’s teething. Arriving at the office, Morgan tells me she’s preparing a court filing. She takes the time to look up from her computer, she thanks me for our son and says, ‘Courage, I love you.” These are his last words. I go to counseling. At some point, my patient asks me to go to the toilet. He leaves the closet door open, I close it, I see a man in the waiting room, he gets up and sits back in front of my view. I ask him if he has Appointment He says yes and shows me the door to Morgan’s office. Five minutes later, the shot went off. I immediately realized it was a gunshot. My first thought was this patient had committed suicide. I jumped out of my seat and saw Morgan…[Louis agrippe la barre, ferme les yeux, reprend son récit] I hear a groan. I act spontaneously, pure adrenaline rush. I ran the ladder. I see the man come down with his gun in hand, I scream with all my might, he took his gun and hit him several times on the head, bleeding, running away, screaming, screaming stop, that you killed my wife. I’m back to join Morgane. »

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Lewis stopped. The bearded, dark-eyed thirty-year-old turns to his father, his mother, his front-row-sitting brother, Morgan’s brothers and sisters, and his friends, all those anxious, destructive and encouraging looks, to splurge. As much as you derive the strength to continue. “It is the first time that I am really going to tell my loved ones what I saw. I think it is time for me to stop censoring myself…”

“The whole lower part of his face exploded. I put him in PLS [position latérale de sécurité]And the I emptied his windpipe, ordered him to breathe, and prevented him from dying. Meanwhile, there’s a part of me that understands he’s a killer. There is a huge gap. Nothing is left. Except for the hole in the windpipe trying to breathe. » The jurors lowered their heads, and one of them buried her tears in her long hair. Lewis says he has since survived by reshaping Morgan’s beautiful, handsome face and his wide, white-toothed smile.

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