A governor was sacked after two high school students cut their hair in the middle of the baccalaureate exam

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The video circulates in an episode on social networks in Guinea: while visiting a class in the middle of the baccalaureate exam, Governor Siguiri grabs scissors and cuts the hair of a high school student judging his hairstyle. The video, which was broadcast on June 17, caused an uproar on social media and caused the governor to be fired the next day.

In the photographs, we see Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahima Doramodu Keita, scissors in hand, cutting the hair of a student sitting almost in the front row, all under the watchful eye of a delegation of soldiers accompanying him. Once the cut was complete, a man in a white jacket accompanying the governor said to the high school student, visibly frightened, tapping his shoulder: “You’ll sleep well.”

A video posted on Twitter on June 17 shows Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahima Keita, the governor of Sigiri in Guinea, cutting the hair of a high school student during the baccalaureate exam.

However, the impromptu hairdressing session is not over yet. The governor notices another student sitting in the first row, his hair looking a bit plump. The student had so far been trying to keep his head down to escape from prying eyes, but in the end to no avail. The governor encourages the soldier who accompanies him to cut his hair, too. The latter was singing with amusement, while a member of the delegation was enjoying the spectacle, shouting to the audience: “This is the future Secretary of State, Governor, Governor.”

Once the video was broadcast on social networks, many Guineans denounced what they saw as an “abuse of power”. “They are treated like thugs, it is unworthy behavior” the user walks away Twitter. “Really shameful (…). I would rather lose my bac and file a complaint against the governor and all these soldiers.” Add else.

In the face of the protests, the governor tried to justify himself in a statement to the African-American website. He said he cracked down on scissors to encourage students to “follow a good education,” because for him “future chief executives and ministers” should not go to class as “rasta”. He also invoked the need to “help” a head of state who “struggles to educate children”.

Colonel Mamady Domboya, head of the ruling military junta, did not hear it that way. Saturday, June 18, was announced by decree dismissing the governor.

Lieutenant Colonel Keita was appointed Governor of Sigiri by Colonel Domboya following the military coup that brought him to power on 5 September 2021.

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