Who killed President Kennedy’s mistress?

Mary Mayer was not a celebrity. Much less famous than Marilyn Monroe with whom she shared the same lover, United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. And perhaps the same tragic fate… In October 1964, 11 months after JFK’s assassination in Dallas, This woman, from the very good Washington community, is also under the bullets

On October 12, 1964, around 12:00, mechanic Henry Wiggins twice heard a woman’s cry: “Help me, someone help me!”. By the time the mechanic got up, he heard two sharp clicks, ten seconds apart. Two shots. He approaches cautiously and sees, in the grass, on the bank of the canal, a human figure. A woman lies on her left side as if asleep. Blood stained her hair. The forensic doctor proves that the victim was hit by two bullets, in the left temple and under the scapula. She was bleeding.

The deceased woman does not have identification papers on her. It will take investigators three hours to identify Mary Pinchot Meyer, 43, divorced and three children … The daughter of a famous lawyer, Mary Meyer lives in old Georgetown. President Kennedy lived next door for a long time, But no one doubts that she shares his intimate relationship with him. The mechanical witness is the first to be heard. He tells that he saw a black man, about 40 years old, tall, athletic, bending over his body and hiding something under his clothes.

The woman who knew so much?

The police are already arresting a person matching the description, but the latter denies that he attacked pedestrians. The murder pistol is not found despite a long search, four days after the murder, the FBI closes the file. smooth work…
Vile aggression? Attempted rape? no one, Except for some of his relatives and the American intelligence, know that the victim was the last mistress of President Kennedy.

A serious, serious, and fiery relationship is just beginning to get people talking. It would then be whispered that Marie Meyer might have collected precious secrets from a lover who seemed to have listened to her seriously. Why not state secrets?

Was Marie Meyer the woman who knew the most? Nobody knows him. Is his death linked to the assassination of JFK? “Somehow, yes, there is no other explanation Reasonably, admits Jean Lesseur, journalist. It is her relationship and the trauma she experienced when Kennedy was assassinated, and it is her passion for this man that sustains her. (…)

“There are a few people who have decided to get rid of it, Because she was afraid we could trace the source of the plot that killed Kennedy“.was then Marie Meyer the woman who freaked out?” It is a conclusion that can be drawn perfectly,” concludes Jean Lesieur.

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