What is this romance that astounded the actors?

Dragon Ball is above all about epic battles and legendary rivalries. However, romance also had its place. Through thick and thin…

Dragon Ball, violence but not only

Son Goku, Vegeta, Cell, Frieza, Trunks, Gohan… When we think of the Akira Toriyama manga, it is easier to evoke the legendary clashes and the various fighting techniques used than the other aspects that the author has addressed. However, if there is one emotion and impulse that runs through the majority of characters, it is the love. Even the most important moment in the manga according to fans was born out of this feeling.

If fights logically occupy a dominant place in a work centered on martial arts, romance will not be ruled out as much. We remember the relationship between Chichi and Goku, who met at a very young age before marriage. Krillin’s affection for the C-18 cyborg is also remembered, whose romantic feelings allowed Hive to get the perfect body.

On the other hand, if there is The romance that has always divided fans is that of Bulma and Vegeta. In light of their friendships and personalities, these two characters had nothing in common before Trunks was introduced into the story. The original dubbing actors obviously explained to the screenwriters at the time.

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Yamcha voice actor talking to Toriyama

As part of the promotion for the film Dragon Ball Super Hero Which did not fail to shock fans, Masako Nosawa (Translator Son Goku) and Toshio Furukawa (Piccolo) presented the commemorative interview game. Once the theme of Vegeta was put on the table, it was legendary seiyū It made his surprise understandable when he learned at that time the truth about the couple formed by the Prince of Saiyans and the youth.

According to the actors’ memories, the late Hiromi Tsuru (Bulma actress disappeared in 2017) herself expressed her confusion when she learned of the existence of this relationship. But the most fragile tale told during this show is undoubtedly related to Toru Furaya. immersed in the news, The Yamcha representative went so far as to complain directly to the show’s creator ! It must be said that before the beginning of the cyborg arc, the most abused fighter in the manga was still in a relationship with the blue-haired young woman.

In the end, the manga never justified his choice and the romance between Bulma and Vegeta has been going on for many years.

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