What hairstyles to adopt to tame them?

Like curly or frizzy hair, curly hair requires great attention on a daily basis. In summer, with sun, hot weather, pool, sea or beach, these are hard to maintain and even more difficult than usual. Some hairstyles can come to your rescue and help you tame it. These are some examples.

Despite being a part of beauty trends today, curly and frizzy hair has not always been very popular. A few years ago, it was really in fashion for fine, flat hair, and brushing was a lot when you had a nice volume. Today on the contrary, it is more natural to be thrown and curls are assumed more than ever. But to wear a dream mane, it is important to take care of it and adopt the right gestures. This especially includes hairstyles suitable for your hair mass, which have been heavily tested in summer by various elements and are therefore hard to tame. In fact, with beautiful curly curls also come certain characteristics such as a drier and brittle scalp, which can quickly turn into hell when you want to style it (split ends, knots, etc.). By using a bun, a ponytail, or even braids, you will not only avoid frizz but also protect your hair, while having a very chic and holiday look.

Cake: easy to make and perfect for summer

While all types of hairstyles are suitable for curly hair, you must be prepared in advance if you do not want anything to stand out. For a bun for example – perfect for cleaning your face and preventing your hair mass from bothering you – it’s essential to wet the lengths and ends and then carefully comb your hair with a comb. You can then gather all of your hair back. Depending on the type of cake you want to do, the steps diverge afterwards. If you want a sleek, relaxed hairstyle, such as a low bun, wrap your block of hair around a bun and secure it in place with specific clips or clips. On the other hand, if you want to release your neck – due to the heat – separate your lengths and wrap them before wrapping them around the ponytail elastic.

Braids and ponytails: perfect for long hair

Like knots, braids are perfect for summer, whether to tidy up your hair or to brush your neck during hot weather. If you like bohemian and romantic style, go for a spiky braid or on the side. You can also opt for a classic braid that highlights your hair just as much. For a more trendy look, you can also resort to braids. Be careful not to strain the hairstyles as this may damage your hair. Whatever the length of your hair, accessories can also sometimes help you tame the flies. A scarf, headband, or ribbon can do the trick and give a little originality to a hairstyle as simple as a low ponytail.

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