What are the hairstyles that purify your face better than contouring the face?

If you want an instant slimming effect, you will definitely not get it in the gym. For this, you will need at least a week + a healthy, low-calorie diet. But today we’re going to skip this part and show you a faster way to reach your goal. All you need is to choose the stylish clothes, the right makeup technique and the elegant hairstyle that shows you perfectly. With these three simple steps, you can forget about some extra pounds. The proof is in the pictures below! So, zoom in on the best hairstyles that purify your face!

Zoom in on the hairstyles that refine your face better than face contouring!

Bringing out our best features and minimizing our worst is the amazing effect a hairstyle can give you! You can try an Instagram filter or contouring with expensive palettes, but nothing beats a proper hairstyle that perfectly matches your face shape. Whatever feature is bothering you, there is a solution that is not only effective, but also beautiful!

So if you have an oval or square face, or if you just want to hide your beautiful cheeks, here are 15 ideas to make it happen.

What is the hairstyle to purify the round face?

How to slim the round face hairstyles that slim your face

Contrary to what you might think, the possibilities for styling your hair are really numerous. If you have a pretty baby face, choose from the following hairstyles: medium length hair with retro waves, extra volume pixie cuts, layered braids, French bob with inward curly ends, and misty bob. On the coloring side, opt for brown and black shades or bet on a blonde sweep, just like Chrissy Teigen pictured above.

The long bangs of the curtain on the side also go perfectly with the oval morphs. Thanks to the triangular shape it forms in the middle of your forehead, which continues with your hair parting, this hairstyle has the ability to slim your round face and lengthen it. To better imagine it, take a look at Selena Gomez’s photo in the photo gallery towards the end of the article.

All of these styles have the ability to soften the features of your face and thus make you look younger.

What hairstyle to purify a square face?

What is a hairstyle for a square face

Square faces aren’t necessarily wider, but you’ll need to visually lengthen them for balance. Haircuts that slim a square face are best suited for girls with a stronger jawline, such as Cameron Diaz’s. Very beautiful, sexy and very feminine, her hairstyles are the perfect example for you.

So choose hairstyles with a side parting: a low bun with long bangs or an asymmetrical sinking. Side bangs are another good option for you, as are romantic, chunky curls. If you are a fan of accessories, avoid those that have details that emphasize the center line of the face such as the turban headband. Instead, bet on a scarf tied at the back, at neck level or on the side of the head, near the ear. Leave the bangs and some extra strands out.

Hairstyles that slim your face: steps to avoid

hairstyle photo before after

When you have a baby’s face, you should avoid the cuts that frame it. In this context, straight and short bangs do not go well with this face shape. Also out of the box too short, boy bob and blogger bob. The soft pixie cut and the bowl cut should also be forgotten, as they accentuate plump cheeks! Sorry, but low neck ties are also not recommended, if you want your face to be slimmer. Only try them if you have bangs.

Hairstyles that slim your face – photo gallery

Kirsten Dunst - How to slim down a square face

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Hairstyles that slim your face Hairstyles that slim your face

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