Unwanted lice are difficult to eradicate. In Rouen, a specialized institute has just opened its doors.

It is a parasite that we are ashamed of and sometimes difficult to eradicate completely. Lice live on average two months hanging on the hair. In Rouen (Seine Maritime), an institute for the treatment of pediculosis was opened on May 18, 2022 and promises a 100% effective result. We still have to rely on the wisdom of children.

Adelaide Dumont has tried everything with her six children. They have been regularly infected with lice for two years now. “Boys, we cut their hair but girls, it’s more complicated.”Explains the desperate mother.

So, when the mother of the family found out about the existence of an institute specializing in the eradication of lice, she ran there with her young: “We straightened, dyed, and styled their hair and of course tried a lot of drugstore products. The problem is it’s starting to get expensive!” , The mother of the family mourns. On that day, she hoped that the technology proposed by the institute would be effective.

Scheherazade Akaba opened this establishment in downtown Rouen on May 18, convinced that the “anti-lice” market still had a bright future: “Lice have been around for centuries, and we have not yet found an effective way to treat them permanently.” Before continuing, the young entrepreneur explains: “With us, it is 100% effective without lice or eggs. There are no chemicals and therefore no allergy risks. Our treatment is 100% mechanical”.

Prices range from 50 to 80 euros, depending on the type and length of hair.

This technology comes directly from the United States and takes place in three stages. The first is thermal extrusion rehydration therapy. “We heat the louse for a minute and it faints because it can’t stand the constant heat”Explains Isabelle, a qualified technician. Then the lice corpses are sucked out by a special machine equipped with a comb with fine iron teeth. “You have to go everywhere, strand by strand and the comb must catch the lice, otherwise it will stick to the hair.”contact the employee.

According to dermatologist Mark Peirsel, the effectiveness of this treatment depends primarily on the child’s behavior and interactions with others but also on comprehensive care. Many parents take care of their children but find themselves facing one or more failures because the other children are not at the same time. The doctor remembers that if an infected child is treated, then his entourage and the children he frequents must also be treated.

According to him, this technique is not a scam but it cannot be 100% effective: “Everything depends on a good therapeutic education. Long hair should be put into a bun, for example, avoiding close contact, and not exchanging hats or hats.”

In our society, lice are considered a taboo subject. Many children suffer from contamination from this parasite very badly. This is the case of one of the Adelaide girls, “She was doing braids and the lice were flying over her, you could see her…she was really shy”Mother explains.

Not because we have lice because we are dirty. Take it like a disease. It’s all about accepting it and getting treatment.

Scheherazade Okaba – Director of KDEPO

But make no mistake, the presence of a louse on a child’s head is not a sign of filth. The little monster loves a clean, dirty scalp. However, the view of the louse is very negative. So in this specialized institute, everything is done to respect the privacy of young clients and their parents. We installed tinted glass.explains the director of the establishment located in downtown Rouen.

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