TPMP: Teen abused by Aquaboulevard security!

On the set of TPMP, a teenager accused an Aquaboulevard security member of assaulting him.

This Tuesday, June 21, a teen testified on TPMP. He explained that he was assaulted by a member of the Water Avenue security. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

TPMP: Intense end to the season

The TPMP season is almost over. So Cyril Hanoun and his writers seized the opportunity Let’s go before the start of summer vacation.

For example, Cyril Hanoun did not hesitate to do so They flirt with announcer Arthur. The two do not like each other very much and therefore they never hesitate to show it.

And so, in the TPMP on June 21, a discussion about Most popular first names in France. Arthur V came.

“Well, we won’t say that … Come on, let’s move on to number 4”, Then Cyril affectionately agreed. ” Don’t say that, it’s bad luck… I don’t want to see that… It’s bad luck”bid on TPMP.

On the June 20 broadcast, it also led to an altercation between Bernard Montell and Benjamin Castaldi water battle On the set TPMP. In fact, during the publicity break, the two writers got confused and threw water on their return to the antenna.

This dispute arose after a discussion about Floods related to Aqua Boulevard. Specifically, a teenager who was also present came to testify for the TPMP. He even claimed that one of the security guards assaulted him. MCE TV tells you more!

Alan talks about his day at Aquaboulevard

The Aquaboulevard events caused a stir this weekend of June 18. Indeed, many photos on social media show that the place was crowded and some accidents occurred.

It was a young woman Came to testify on TPMP From his day at Aquaboulevard. “Pools were disgusting (…) I have watched a fierceness towards youth … I heard: If I were your father, I would kick your ass “she also added.

And specifically, young Alan came to testify on June 21 on TPMP. A security officer is accused of assaulting him and seizing him by the neck. He insults me by all names, “Son of a bitch, fuck your mother.”he explains.

Alan also adds: “He continues to insult me ​​and there, approaching me in a pose, he will hit me. Then he pushes me. So there I watered it and left right afterwards, you can see it on the video! »

Her mother added: “So he was there, he dreaded, he left. One of the rescuers grabbed his arm and then the security guards arrived.” Moving sharply towards the TPMP, she said: aHe no longer sleeps at night, that’s all we think about! It’s my son, it’s my body, it’s my blood! What we have done to him is unforgivable! »

So Alan concluded by adding: “He knocked me down, After I struggled and pulled my hair out (...) So they took me into a room and said, “You’ll see what we’re going to do to you!” There, I thought they would beat me to death. I was screaming, “I’m 15, I’ve done nothing!” »

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