Toulouse: Former boarding school supervisor sentenced for raping a 16-year-old student

In January 2020, an MFR student of Donneville, Lauragais, denounced the sexual affair she had just been victimized by a boarding school supervisor. Other students have been accused of sexual assault. This 39-year-old man was sentenced by the Garonne High Criminal Court to 11 years in prison.

Since Monday, the Garonne High Criminal Court has sentenced Arnaud Place. With his ball jersey and short hair, this guy looks 39 years younger. He was accused of rape one night in January 2020 by a 16-year-old student at a school, MFR in Donneville, the person who served as the boarding school superintendent. Such as the sexual assaults revealed by the gendarmerie’s investigations with three other teenage students.

Yesterday morning, the psychiatrist and psychological experts testified before the court and the jury, two women and four men. President Biko gives the floor. It takes time, sometimes difficult but still wonderful even if the young victims, now adults who have insisted on publicizing the discussions, seek explanations from their relatives.

Experts, including psychologist Philip Genoit, talk a lot about consent. “Even if the accused considers it this way, the consent of a 16-year-old or 17-year-old girl does not constitute consent. If he has the feeling that she agrees, this young woman remains a victim.” In the box, a person holding on to an “acceptable love” affair finds himself paradoxically confronted by his attorney, May Morgan DuBox. “I see. For a long time I felt like an animal because of the prison charges. What was just said helps me walk.” His attorney, with Anna Yves Carmona, would like to go further. Arnaud, with a heavy throat, takes a step: “Whatever the decision, I will accept it.” Not to the point of assuming his guilt, but almost.

With the support of Miss Stephanie Calvet, Laurent Puget and Olivier Richard, who knew how to convey their voices and their pain, the four young women heard the indictment of Attorney General Alice Gardier serving 12 years in prison. Ana Carmona and Dubux, in two different arguments, seek to persuade the jurors. In their intimate conviction, after two hours of deliberation, they found Arno Bliss guilty of raping and sexually assaulting the four young women. He was sentenced to eleven criminal years in prison and five years of social and judicial follow-up.

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