Teenage girl haircut 2021

In 2021, we’ve seen some cool trends that are back at the forefront of the hair scene. Let’s be honest, who could resist an easy-to-care-for wavy bob or cut with a romantic curtain fringe? We also noticed ambivalent, even scandalous tendencies, which made us question our sense of aesthetics. The mullet woman and the Cruella hair phenomenon are just two such examples. In any case, everyone is free to choose their appearance and we are not in a position to judge. We only list the trendy options to make the choice easier for you. So, without further ado, we present to you the current topic: which haircut for a teenage girl to choose in 2021?

What story of a teenage girl to wear in 2021?

If there is one activity that teenage girls dominate, it is finding and embracing fashion trends. Until recently, young teenagers imitated their older sisters and mothers, especially their idols from the world of music, television and cinema. In recent years, it’s been bloggers, Tiktok influencers and “instababes” who dictate the rules of the game.

Teenage Girl Haircut 2021 Wavy Square Shoulder Bangs

However, the tsunami of information and images constantly flooding our screens don’t really facilitate the decisions we have to make. On the contrary, we face the embarrassment of choice and get lost in the ocean of choices to consider. The truth is that not all of these possibilities are always applicable when you analyze the context well.

Teen Haircut 2021 Lob Long Shoulders Bangs

For example, the girl’s haircut above looks great but wouldn’t have the same effect without the fade. At the same time, not all 15-year-old girls are allowed to permanently dye their hair, and this is completely normal. So we must be able to evaluate which option best suits our situation and which steps to avoid.

Teenage Girl Hair 2021 Short Haircut Genie Haircut Lavender Gray

Logically, this task is more difficult when one is young and lacks experience in real life. And this is where many teens (and their mothers) need a little support and practical advice. So here are our ideas for a teenage girl haircut to wear your head high without compromise!

Bob’s box in the spotlight

Teen girl hair cut 2021 blonde bob box on blonde

Have you ever heard of the frankly awesome Bob Box? Well, this is the kind of bob cut that is supposed to add volume to thinning hair. More often than not, it is the S-shaped locks around the face that creates the aforementioned attractive effect. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blonde or a natural brunette, it works with everyone.

Wavy bob with a side parting

Teenage Girl Hair Cut 2021 Wavy Square Side Parting

Then the classic bob can be perfectly updated when given a wavy shape. Even better, go for a totally off-center parting and you’ll look like a real Hollywood star, no matter if you’re 13 or 19 years old. The key to success is to wear this wavy bob with complete self-confidence!

Embracing natural curls is a must

Teen girl cut curly curly hair naturally wear

Gone are the days of handbag straightening and Brazilian, Japanese or other smoothing procedures! After the natural afro, curly-haired girls embrace Leo males with the same gusto and the result is fantastic. Simply accentuate your curls with oils or leave-in conditioner, and you’re done!

Do you dare to cut an asymmetrical girl’s hair?

Asymmetrical Haircut For Teenage Girl 2021 Pixie Bob

The next question you should ask yourself is: Are you adventurous enough to try a mismatched story? Keep in mind that the asymmetrical short haircut has become very fashionable in 2021 and it is very likely that you will impress all your friends and girlfriends with such a great option.

Short bob or bob dangling for fashionistas

2021 teenage girl hair cut wavy plunging box

Given that we’ve discussed the topic of bold choices, we can’t forget to mention the short, sunken square we’ve recently come to know as “pob.” The good news is that this teenage girl’s haircut can adapt to any hair type and suit (almost) any face shape.

Teenage girl haircut 2021 in pixie cut version

Short hair cut for teenage girl 2021

The most daring teens are likely to be tempted by the so-called pixelated cropped haircut that dramatically reduces lengths. In the 2021 edition, we usually leave a long fringe and shape it aside to achieve a more authentic and rebellious look. As usual, the neck is very short and even shaved.

Luxurious braids to transform your look without cutting

fairy braids long hair teenage girl haircut 2021

Finally, teenage girls who want to change their look without cutting their gorgeous long hair, can always turn to luxurious braids. Waterfall, fishtail, tiara, stick-up braids, French style, Dutch braid or boxer braids… all of these possibilities are great! Our favorite? The faux mohawk braid is downright gorgeous!

Hairstyling ideas for coloring teenage girl hair 2021

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