Jehovah’s Witnesses want to “trust” the husband at trial for trying to kill her

Linen shirt with colored stripes, a white skirt and long brown braided hair, the wife of Philip Goncalves, who has been tried since Monday by the Seine-et-Marne Assize Court for attempted assassination, does not evade any question, worried about understanding its causes Shot in the head at the end Love and summer picnic in Champ-sur-Marne, 4 June 2017.

miraculously survived. From this drama, she keeps a “hollow” at the level of the upper chest of the skull as a sequel.

Her husband, a building contractor, 39 years old like her, is at the dock.

He is suspected of shooting his wife and then asking his partner hiding in the woods to shoot him in the shoulder to disguise the crime as assault. An accusation that this man insisted on denying.

At that time, the couple was experiencing turmoil.

A few days after the tragedy and his hospitalization, the husband and wife meet at their home.

While they were entangled in their bed, she said to him, “You know, it’s strange to me because you asked me to turn it over, and that’s when I take the projectile.” “He answered me calmly and frankly enough, telling me it wasn’t him,” the woman at the helm said on Wednesday.

– And the fact that he says it’s not him, was that enough? , interrogates Chief Justice Muriel Jose.

– At that time, it was enough for me, ”the wife admits.

Today, the prodigy considers herself a “side victim of his own troubles,” invoking the hypothesis of revenge by a creditor for her husband, for debts she was unaware of at the time.

She argues that there is “no explanation” for the hypothesis of an attempted murder by a man who “has never felt in danger”.

Throughout his wife’s testimony, Philip Goncalves remained silent, attentive and sane.

Parcel “on a case by case basis”

They were 19 when they met in 2002. While taking a course to become a psychomotor therapist, she developed depression.

Meeting him “saved her from a painful life”, believes the psychologist who had her first experience.

She has some admiration for Philip Goncalves, following him on his spiritual journey and converting to the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a strict movement regularly accused of denominational perversions. This admiration creates in her an “inner conflict” with “the fact that he can try his life,” the psychologist said.

After marriage and baptism in 2004, the couple expressed their lives around faith and professional activities, he is as a businessman, part-time hostess and home French teacher. By mutual agreement, they chose not to have children.

Their thirteen years of joint life have been described as uneventful, save for the husband’s temptations to have extramarital affairs, which would polish their good agreement first in 2015, then again in 2017.

At this time, Philip Goncalves’ rapprochement with a colleague rekindles his wife’s jealousy.

One avenue favored by the prosecution is the risk of ecclesiastical expulsion of Jehovah’s Witnesses that divorce from his wife would have brought about.

A representative of the sect said on Wednesday that divorce is acceptable within society and that divorce is “on a case-by-case basis.”

Businessman, he keeps his copy: the couple has been targeted by a mysterious shooter. He would open fire on them from the bushes, about forty meters from the tree under which they would walk and read the Bible.

“I want to trust my husband despite everything. With context it becomes difficult,” the wife, who “lived in a state of incomprehension for four years,” captivated her.

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