“I’m guilty, I’m sorry”

Apologize. “I’m guilty,” he continues at thirty. “In four years of living together, I have never raised a hand on my wife,” he insists. Except this time. The defendant does not stop there. “I regret what I did, it is indefensible. I apologize for the miserable scene he gave to the neighbours. He speaks for long minutes in the prelude to his trial before the Thionville Criminal Court.” Nothing can justify raising a hand on a woman. He finished his monologue with a stare, his voice in high tones, a handkerchief in hand.

The presiding judge almost remembers the facts. Thursday, June 16, in Conaker, in Hayange, a neighbor warns the police. A man just hit his partner at the foot of the building in the middle of the morning.


The argument began a little earlier in the couple’s apartment. The victim is four months pregnant. She says she was slapped first. Her husband threw a vase at her, and she swung the coffee table. She took refuge on the balcony and forced her in. I faked annoyance until the apartment door opened. Thus, the young woman could have escaped before he caught up with her. Neighbors tried to intervene. The aggressor was to violently repel them.

He allowed himself to be challenged. But the police asked for security reinforcements. They discovered a returning apartment with traces of blows on the walls. Defendant defends: “It was like that before we lived in it.” White shirt, black jogging pants, dark hair and beard, it reduces the violence in the apartment. He sobbed, “I love my wife.” “I am kind and respectful. He takes the opportunity to find that he has trouble sleeping and financial problems. I don’t want to show her, I want her not to miss a thing,” he adds, raising his voice high.

The lawyer claps

The victim’s lawyer is about to applaud. It salutes an “excellent acting game”. He confirms that his client is in shock. She had bruises on her face and leg. Six days of his ITT were described. This is not the first time the police have intervened with the couple.

The court imposed a five-month and ten-month suspended prison sentence for the 30s, and she remained in detention at the end of the trial. The deferment is subject to a two-year ban on contact with his ex-wife. He will also be prohibited from possessing a weapon and from appearing in their apartment upon his release from prison. “It’s not up to your wife to leave the house,” the chief explains.

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