How to make the perfect shaggy combed bun?

In the curly version, on long hair, on short hair or for a wedding: a shaggy bun has it all. We explain step by step how to do it yourself at home.

Both functional and aesthetic, the tight bun is a must. For several years, we see it everywhere: at rallies as much as we see it on social networks. While this hairstyle does require a bit of effort, it still needs a helping hand. over here The right gestures for the perfect shaggy-combed effect.

What is a shaggy bun?

Also known as “mess cake”, messy cake consists of Play with highlights and volume. Whether it is worn at the top of the skull or at the bottom of the neck, the rule is to intentionally leave out some tufts of hair. The bun is not tight, quite the contrary! And you don’t have to be too precise either: it’s exactly that inaccuracy Which gives it all its charm. The more blurry, the better. Moreover, it is the answer to surviving a bad hair day. In a jiffy, our appearance is filled with Casual and elegant touch at the same time.

The advantage of bulk cake is that it It adapts to all occasions and above all to all hair types. Whether it’s curly or sleek, short or long, this hairstyle always makes its own little impact. In any case, it is better to make a shaggy combed bun Washing hair the day before or two days before. If it is too clean, it may not hold up. the trick? Don’t use a brush but only your fingers to bring out the “easy” effect. Next, a simple elastic band, hairspray, and clips will do the trick.

Even if you have shoulder-length hair, it’s out of the question to do without a fuzzy bun! It’s exactly perfect length To achieve this hairstyle. Here’s how:

1. Gather the hair where you want to make the bun

2. Tie the hair with an elastic band

3. Put the hair around the rubber band

4. Cover it with another rubber band to make a cake

5. Loosen the cake with your fingers

6. Wrap the tip of the hair around the base of the bun

7. Secure with pins

8. Highlight some highlights

On long hair, the goal is to have a nice messy bun without falling out. Because even if we’re looking for an effect with a shaggy look, we want it to last all day. To do that, star hairstylist Chris Appleton has the solution. Here is his style:

1. Use a comb to draw a center parting

2. Tie the hair in two buns above the skull

3. Pass them through each other

4. Secure everything with pins

5. Lacquer hairstyle

Make a tight bun with one or more braids, that’s the secret of a bohemian hairstyle how to love! Here is the procedure to follow:

1. Make a ponytail

2. Open it in the middle and pass the lengths inside

3. Braid mat

4. Roll it into a bun

5. Secure the assembly with the screws

Curly hair also has the right to a shaggy combed bun. This is the perfect hairstyle for women who do not have time to define curls. Here they do not need to draw, except for those who frame the face. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Put your head forward

2. Put the elastic band around the hair

3. Flexibility twist

4. Seal the cake with rubber in one turn

5. Secure with pins if necessary

Whether you are a bride or just a guest, a hairstyle is one of the essential elements of a wedding. This is the perfect opportunity to show off the prettiest messy bun. More important ? You have the sound. To do this, we apply crepe or dry shampoo from the roots to blown the hair. It is also possible to curl it upstream in order to have a voluminous mane.

1. Make a tight wave

2. Lift each strand with bobby pins

3. Gradually blurred cake shape

4. Use the lacquer to fix the rendering

You can upgrade the result by adding accessories such as a barrette or flowers.

Do you have a beautiful tousled, shaggy bun with short hair? It is totally possible. It is enough to simply perceive it at the level of the nape of the neck. In addition to being easy to do, the file low bun Offers an elegant look. And on top of all that, no XXL lengths are required!

1. Hair texture

2. Draw a parting in the middle of the skull

3. Make a Half Low Cake

4. Wrap the rest of the hair around the rubber band

5. Detangling the hairstyle

If the bun is too loose, just tie it off with another rubber band.

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